Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Insecure Writers' Support Group

Hello Again,

If it's the first Monday of the month, then I am home taking care of sick children. Again. For the third freakin' month in a row. In a row. Is anyone else experiencing a significant uptick in illnesses in their family? And yes, I did institute a Mommy-needs-to-work-so-entertain-yourselves campaign during Winter Break and it worked! (For almost 45 blissful minutes.)

This go around has been fairly mild with fevers and cold symptoms. I read a disturbing article on the web that the three flu strains plaguing the world are so different from one another that you could get the flu more than once this season (whether or not you've been vaccinated), or you could experience two different flu strains at the same time. Lovely.

But this is supposed to be about insecure writers not insecure mothers, so let me switch gears. Despite having only two out of the four weeks of February to work uninterrupted, I got a new short story finished and sent off to my editor. Spiffy.

Then I sent out the first five pages to my online critique group and the first reply had so many corrections I was both extremely grateful and completely horrified. Did I actually send that to my editor? I can't believe I sent that to my editor.

Anyway, I have three and a half weeks to polish that sucker till it shines, write up my blogs for the A to Z challenge, and prepare myself for Monday, March 30. Because my darlings have that entire week off, for Spring Break. There is not a font large enough for me to type my scream, so I will leave that to your imagination.

Toodles. (Please tell me people are accomplishing more than doctor's visits and Kleenex clean-ups out there.)