Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Insecure Writer's Support Group

Last month I posted about my dilemma with letting the e-magazine Wormhole Electric publish a group of my short stories as a stand-alone book. A flattering offer, but I said no. At least, not yet.

At first I thought I should do it just for the experience. What better way to learn about marketing than to try it? On the other hand, publishing and marketing a book is not something I want to do without a huge, bouyant load of enthusiasm. I don’t have that. Right now, such a prospect is as appealing as a steaming load of brussel sprouts.

Image courtesy: Joy

(Bleck! The only thing worse may be creamed corn. My mother once told me I was not to leave the table until I finished my bowl of that yellow bile. Two hours later, she gave up and I went to bed.)

Anyway, there is an upside. As a compromise, the Wormhole Electric editor offered me my own issue. Usually the monthly magazine features three different authors, but I could have one to myself with two or three tales. This sounds like a better fit for me. Now I just have to come up with some awesome stories!

It also hit me that my short stories are on Amazon. Like right now. Why not get my feet wet by attempting to market them as they are? 

I can hear my mother now: Go on, try it. You might like it!