Wednesday, December 5, 2018

December IWSG

Ah-Ah-AH-CHOOOO! and blow, Ah-Ah-AH-CHOOOO! and blow, Ah-Ah-AH-CHOOOO! and blow. Don't you hate colds? I predict there will be a mountain of used tissues everywhere before this post is written, but so be it. Onward!

First allow me to thank our host, Alex J. Cavannaugh, and his wonderful co-hosts,  J.H. Moncrieff, Tonja Drecker, Patsy Collins, and Chrys Fey. You're all awesome.

Today’s question - What are five objects we’d find in your writing space?

Besides Kleenex? I have no idea. Wait! There's lots of papers which keep piling and piling and I'm sure at least one or two of them are really, truly important and I'll dig in there and find them some day soon. (Right.) And there's the laptop, phone, and printer, but those are boring. So let's get to the interesting stoof:

1. A Gem (or two) of a find:

The purple one is a polished hunk of amethyst in the shape of a bear. The rock behind him is calcite, which I love because its clear greenish color reminds me of a cresting wave. We go to a gem and rock show every October, and these were my picks this year.

2. Dead Pets Society:

This did not start out so grim. I had the picture of Sidney (white kitty) on my desk way before she passed. She is perched on the chair I'm sitting in right now. That was her favorite spot while I typed, and hey, she made a great neck warmer on cold days. More recently, my daughter added the pictures of Mr. Mistoffelees, one of him waiting outside our door in the snow back in the days when he was a stray, and the other after he had joined the household, tuckered out in front of the tree, Santa Hat set right behind him.

3. Inspiration #1

An illustrated Harry Potter! How cool are these? I know there are illustrated versions of the 2nd and 3rd book as well, but I've told myself, firmly, that I'm not allowed to purchase them until I've read the first one. These puppies ain't cheap. (Of course I've read the series through older versions--more than once--but I haven't read this particular copy yet.)

4. Knitspiration

For years, I've wanted to learn to knit and I finally did it this past summer by watching YouTube videos. Since then, I've only worked on two pieces. The is the second. The first is completely hideous. Excited about my new hobby, I quickly stocked up on way more yarn that I could possibly knit for the next ten years. Sigh. 

5. Inspiration #2

This is Poe, the raven, the last of his kind. I found this guy mis-shelved after Halloween somewhere in the bowels of Michael's. He was too soft to leave in such dreary circumstances. I knew he'd be much happier perched on the Raven Edition of Edgar Allen Poe's works--copyright 1903.

Tell me, great bird, when will I start writing again?

Don't say it, buddy, or I'll banish you to the basement with the rest of the Halloween decor.


Now I'm off to see what wonderous things my fellow insecure writers have around their writing spaces. And do have a wonderful and safe holiday season!

Do you keep your desk neat and tidy or does chaos reign?