Friday, September 24, 2010

Love Is In The Air And, Boy, Does It Stink

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Okay, so I have two young adorable daughters, and the eldest just started first grade this month. I was worried about her fitting in after four years of Montessori school where she learned cursive instead of script. Yes, her handwriting is miles better than my chicken scratch. What I wasn’t prepared for, drum roll, was . . . the stalker.

Yes, my beautiful baby has already caught the eye of a young lothario. He started with a gift (sea-shells and sand in a baby food jar). Then came the telephone call. I put that thing on speaker because I don’t like putting a cordless up to my little one’s ears. (Note to parents: there is some discussion in the medical community as to a link between cell phones and cordless phones and brain tumors, so beware!)

Tumors are one thing, a seven year old hitting on my SIX-year-old is another. Oh, it started innocently enough. They talked about pets and Halloween costumes. Then he asked my baby if she could guess who his girlfriend was. She hesitantly asked, “Me?” When he didn’t answer right away, she pulled back and asked, “Or do you mean someone else?” He goes, “It’s you!”

SCREAM! (That’s me screaming, not my daughter.) What is the world coming to? Later I told her she was too young to be anyone’s ‘girl friend’, and she said “Okay.”

When she was a baby, a family friend took one look at her and said we’d need a baseball bat to keep the boys away. I was hoping to put off my bat purchase until puberty. Blog moms, what do I do?

I'll pretty this post up later. I've got to go pick up my darlings from school. Later!


  1. Whoa. My daughter is 12, in the 7th grade and still thinks boys are icky (Yay Em!), so I'm afraid this is a little outside my comfort zone. However, due to the boys age (and your daughters), I would think it's just innocent fun. But I can still see your concern. I mean, come on ... they are like 6, right? I'd keep my keen eyes that boy over the next few years. If he likes your little girl now, he'll probably still like her in 5th grade ... or 6th grade ... which is when I would really become concerned. Until then, just make sure your daughter knows that boys are icky right now. LoL. ;-)


  2. Oh, and thanks for the contest plug!


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