Sunday, April 3, 2011

Most Expensive Potty Break, Ever

You won't believe what came in the mail last week:

We don't swim in in your toilet - don't pee in our pool
Image courtesy: tano_d'ere's

Dear Mrs. Narayan,

It was brought to our attention that your daughter, (redacted), urinated in the pool at Greece Arcadia High School during her Level I swim class on March 19, 2011. After receiving complaints from parents, we had the pool tested by LaxoChemicals, a third party receiving firm that serves the Greece City School District. The results revealed not only low levels of urine, but also minute traces of the bacteria Escherichia coli (commonly known as E. Coli.)

As required by the NYS board of Health, the pool had to be drained, sanitized, and refilled before it could be used. As part of the arrangement you agreed upon when registering your daughter, you are responsible for payment of the fee $875.00 for the pool restoration. Until this fee is paid in full your daughter will not be able to continue participating in her Level I swim class and any member of your family will not be permitted to register for any classes offered by the Office of Community Education in the Town of Greece.

We ask you to submit your payment as soon as possible to avoid placing this matter in the hands of a collection agency. Payment can be mailed to the address listed at the top of this letter. Checks should be made out the the "Office of Community Education - Greece, NY".

If you have any questions, or are unable to make this payment please contact me at (redacted).


Do you believe this? Considering that it showed up on Friday, I shouldn't have either. Yes, my husband made up the whole thing. He even placed the town seal in the correct color along the top of this masterpiece for the full effect.

Well played, sir. I will have to think long and hard for a fitting response and/or revenge.

So, did anyone 'get' you on April Fool's?

(I'll tell you about the writing class I took with author Hannah Tinti another time.)


  1. OH my god, no I couldn't believe it- your husband is GOOD, maybe he should start writing for a living

  2. Ha, he is clever!

    No one got me Friday, but I was witness to one unbelievable prank.

  3. Hi Katie, yes I think he was hoping I'd post this just to get some compliments on his creative writing talents. While I struggle to get something published he's gotten a two-minute short on a local radio station about the time he grabbed a piece of twine at the local hardware store and walked back to his car not knowing it was still attached to the spindle in the lobby.

    Hi Medeia, now I'm curious. Is this unbelievable prank on your blog? Let's go see.


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