Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pay It Forward Blogfest

Without further ado, let me introduce you to three extraordinary bloggers who write:

First, Hannah Kincade at The Palindrome Effect. Looking for graphics (like the one above) that make you want to compose a short story in honor of their awesomeness? This is the blog for you. This week she has some outstanding vampire pictures that are not to be missed.

Plus, Hannah is a true blogger buddy. I came back to my blog after a ten-day hiatus and had nine new followers. Nine! What in the world? Turns out Hannah featured my blog on a Under 25 (followers) and Still Fly blog post. Very cool.

My second pick is L. Diane Wolfe at Spunk on a Stick. This is versatile lady of many talents infected with a crazy love for rollercoasters.

Image courtesy: Franco Folini

Diane's website is chock full of great information and tips for every aspect of writing and publishing. She comes by this knowledge from experience as the author of the inspirational YA series, Circle of Friends, and the non-fiction Overcoming Obstacles with Spunk!

Diane is also a professional speaker offering advice on publishing, promoting, and speaking. But my favorite part of the blog is the Sunday funnies featuring cats from Sunday-morning treat much more fun that reprints of Snoopy. Cats rule!

My third pick is Zoe Courtman at No Letters on My Keyboard for having one of the most original, hilarious, and unique voices in the blogoverse. She was one of the first followers to pop up on my blog, I suspect, because we both have a mad love for the King of Horror (yes, sir Stephen, of course.)

Here's a video from her latest post. I challenge you to watch it without laughing until you cry.

Curious about me? I'm a former penguin keeper who left the glitz and glamour of cleaning bird poop to go back to school. I eventually made it to the other side of the desk so I could become a (thing of nightmares) math professor. Yes, I caused herds of college students to excrete vast amounts of adrinaline with the simple phrase: Please clear your desks and get out one clean sheet of paper.

Today I can't add properly. Therefore, I write. When not composing extremely long and awkward run-on sentences chock full of unnecessary adverbs for my blog, I chase after my two cats with toothbrushes (yes, really) and scream at my children to stop fighting over tiny pieces of rubber (silly-bands are from hell) and to please, for the love of all that's holy, give me back my sanity. I need it.

Ready to hop along to the next blogfest site? Just click the Pay It Forward icon on the upper right-hand corner for a linked list of participants.


  1. Looking forward to checking out some new blogs!

  2. Visiting from the Blogfest. I love that Furby cat! Hysterical.

  3. Oh, thank you Tamara!! That is so sweet of you. I'm delighted my Weekend Sillies amuse you.

  4. Hi Tamara. I'm here as the co-host from the Pay It Forward blogfest. Thanks so much for signing up.

    And I wasn't following your blog until just now, so the fest is working!

  5. Nice to meet you Tamara! I also retired from cleaning up bird poop (ducks, not penguins) and spent time as a professor (but not math) before I started writing. :)

  6. Nice to meet you! Am definitely checking out the cat funny site. I *heart* cats...and if I didn't have kids, would have a lot more than two. :)

  7. Thanks for the recommendations. Have a great weekend!

  8. Wow you went full out, very nicely done, will definitely give them a look.

  9. Hi, I am still visiting from the PIF blogfest. I did not get to visit as many blogs as I wanted to on Friday. Now I am off to visit the blogs that you have promoted.

    Nice to meet you

  10. Great video. How interesting that you kept penguins.

    I'll check out the links. Have a great week.

  11. i missed the pay it forward hop, so stopping by fashionably late! nice to meet u :)

    and very neat pics above!

  12. hi there
    Im just hopping around all these blogs form the PIF Blog fest. You have a new follower. I will try and stop by as much as I can.
    Eve :)

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I will do everything in my power to visit commenter's blogs unless I've been abducted by aliens or my children get sick. (If my children get abducted by aliens, I will be very busy, of course, catching up on my sleep.)