Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year?

Hi Everyone, this will be brief. The issue of the online magazine Wormhole Electric featuring my short stories will come out in April, not in March as I previously thought. I'm working on a new short story for it, but that came to a grinding halt with holiday travel and whatnot. I should have been back at work this Monday, but my youngest got ill. I'll find out today if she has the flu (yes, we did get the vaccine). Now for the big question: Will her pediatrician send her to the E.R. for fluids before or after her dad flies off for a 6 day conference on the other side of the country? Inquiring, stressed-out minds need to know.

Happy New Year, Everyone! Stay healthy (if you can).


  1. I hope it's before. Or not at all.

    Please keep us posted on the release date.

  2. At least the issue is only setback by a month. That's not so bad. Make sure to remind us when it comes out. :)

    I'm sorry your daughter is sick. I hope it's not the flu. On the news I've been hearing that the flu shot this year doesn't cover all the genes for the strand that's going around, but it still helps it from getting worse.

    IWSG Co-host

  3. Congratulations, Tamara!
    Really sorry your daughter's sick.

  4. You're at a busy time of life. Priorities with the sick kid. Hope she's better by now. Glad to see you signed up for A to Z


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