Monday, October 26, 2015

The Listing Blog Hop with Bish Denham

1. Welcome to this here blog, y'all (Yep, I grew up in the south).
2. This is a blog hop about lists to celebrate Bish Denham's eight years of blogging.
3. To participate, make a list of 5 to 25 things. No rules, it's whatever floats your boat.
4. Need the linky list? Go here.
5. This concludes my list. Bye.

Just kidding.

Is anyone else addicted to Netflix or the like? Do you sit down to watch one 40 minute show and then end up watching 3 or 4 because of those sneaky cliffhangers? Well, I will admit it. I am hooked and hooked good. Here is a list of the shows I've snarfed down so far:

1. The Walking Dead
2. Lost
3. Gilmore Girls
4. Grey's Anatomy
5. American Horror Story
6. Friday Night Lights

I'll be done with American Horror Story (Season 4) pretty soon. What would you recommend for my next binge? Mad Men? Glee? Has anyone watched James Patterson's Zoo?


  1. I love The Walking Dead and Lost! As for what to watch next, have you tried Breaking Bad? My hubby and I are on season 3, and so far, it's good.

  2. We have NetFlix but I almost never watch it except for movies.

  3. Oh, those cliffhangers! You're so right they are sneaky.

  4. LOL, yup, Bloodlines, Longmire now on Netflix, Criminal Minds, Persons of Interest, Merlin, Ghost Whisper, Hawaii Five-O, and many more--yup addicted. Great list,

    Juneta Writer's Gambit

  5. Since I don't get streaming anything I don't have to worry about getting caught up in these shows. I don't even watch very many shows on regular TV. I know how easy it can be to get caught up in these things though.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  6. I'm a NetFlix addict! I've only watched the first two seasons of American Horror Story though. I recommend DareDevil next.
    Thanks for participating in the blog hop.

  7. I totally get #1. Earlier this month AMC was replaying all the episodes from the first season to now and I watched it for the first time...and was instantly addicted. All I did that whole week before the premiere was watch TWD. :P

  8. Zoo was pretty good. I loved Netflix's Daredevil. Watched it twice.

    Susan Says

  9. Oh, man... my list of Netflix consumption is so long. I tend to play it while I work on days I don't need full brain power, which is a lot of them. I am deeply invested in Walking Dead, too. My Netflix shows have been things like The Tudors, Sons of Anarchy, Buffy--it is how I caught onto Doctor Who originally. And I like their originals: Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

  10. I don't have Netflix, but I have Hulu and binge watching old shows or old seasons of new shows is my new addiction. :)

    I keep starting AHS but then get totally creeped out. Love love love TWD! :)

  11. Have you watched Breaking Bad? Once my fiance and I started binging on that we pretty much didn't do anything else. I've always been a big Glee fan, too, so I would vote for that. :)

  12. I would recommend Criminal Minds -- a great binge series.


  13. Yep, I'm a Netflix addict. I love watching Gilmore Girls on it, along with a whole mess of other shows. I second Susan's Daredevil recommendation. It was a fantastic season. (Also anything by Joss Whedon)

  14. I'm a Walking Dead fanatic! I always wanted to watch Lost, but some people told me the end, so it takes some of the fantasy out of it. Spoilers don't usually matter to me, but this one did.

  15. Netflix got me binging on Breaking Bad awhile back. It was a great show. But I have to be careful about over-binging on TV because it takes me away from my writing time.

  16. Don't have it, don't want it, but I have done the binge thing with my on demand with Comcast. Lazy Sunday afternoons are perfect for it!

  17. I'm watching Black List right now, and just finished re-watching X-Files. Gillmore Girls is in my queue, but I'm so tired of hearing about it right now, I will probably skip it awhile longer.

  18. I like Bones, The Blacklist, and Agents Of SHIELD (it starts out iffy though).

  19. Hi Tamara! I wandered over from the List Hop list :)

    It's been so long since I've watched anything except documentaries! I'll get involved in a series and then just stop, thinking I should be doing something else. Ugh. I've really enjoyed Miss Fisher's Mysteries. It's set in 1930s Australia and the lead character is fantastic! Loved X-Files back in the day and I'm STILL working my way through Dr. Who. I'm a slow one for sure!!

    Happy listing!

  20. Have you tried Gotham, Flash, or Chuck?

  21. Never heard of Netflix -- I love Grimm but they're not airing it in Germany at the moment, and I don't have time for TV anyway. Enjoy yours.

  22. Yes, this is exactly what I do. Though I utilize Amazon Prime. I missed the last few seasons so I'm currently watching the Mentalist. I went back recently to rewatch the entire Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise episodes. I'm always telling people I don't watch a lot of movies. This would be the main reason. I'll sit down and watch four or five TV episodes at a crack and come back for more as soon as I have time.

  23. My husband recently binge Heroes (this could be your next binge) and now he's all caught up for Heroes Reborn. Or Grimm, The Blacklist and Scorpion, but that's mostly because I want to give those shows a try myself. There's also The Sarah Connor Chronicles if you're a Terminator fan.

    1. Oh man! I actually watched Heroes recently! I knew I was forgetting a show.

  24. I like Gotham and Agents of SHIELD. My other favorite got canceled after one season. :-(

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