Friday, January 20, 2017

I Survived Blogfest and Celebrate the Small Things

"This is Chrys Fey reporting for Disaster 5 News. I am in Miami where a tsunami hit yesterday morning. I have Clyde Beauregard with me, a survivor of the tsunami. Clyde, can you tell our viewers what happened, and how you survived?"

"Well, that depends. Can I have your number maybe?"

"No, sir. Just tell us your story."

"Oh fine. Let's see now. I was just strolling on the beach yesterday, looking at gir--I mean shells and whatnot, when the water just up and left."

"Do you mean the waves receded?"

"That's what I said!"

"Sorry, sir. Please continue."

"Well, I had my coon dog, Booger, with me and he just went nuts. There were crabs an' some fish an' all sorts of stuff for him to sniff and roll in. Not as bad as cow poop, I guess, but fish do stink--"

"How did other people react?"

"Most were confused or just taking pictures, you know? Nobody was panicky or anything. Not then."

"Then what happened?"

"Well, you could see something on the horizon. This white foam. The closer it got to the beach, the bigger it got. People got excited 'cause after a while, lookin' at the sand got kind of boring."

"What happened next, Mr. Beauregard?"

"Half the folks started going toward the water to get a better look, and the other half started backing up."

"And which half were you in, Mr. Beauregard?"

"Well, Booger spotted something and started diggin' like nobody's business, so I took after him. Big mistake. The wave hit and knocked me an' Booger ass for teakettle. And did we move? Boy howdy! That water spun us round and round, worse than a washing machine on heavy duty. Stuff knocked into you and you didn't what it was. Car? Garbage can? Lounge chair? No idea. But you want to know the worst part?"


"At one point? Water ripped off my shorts! I kid you not. I would've been jay-bird naked if it didn't wrap me in a sequined lady's sarong from one of those fancy-pants boutiques."

"That sounds terrifying!"

"You're telling me! Neon green looks terrible with my skin color."

"Um. Yes. Where did you end up?"

"Well, you probably won't believe it, but I came to somewhere in Jungle Island with a parrot sticking its tongue in my ear and a huge cat lying in the mud not five feet from me. Poor thing. I swear it looked like the wave ripped off the stripes from a tiger and slapped them on a lion."

"You mean you woke up next to a liger?"

"A what now?"

"Never mind. What happened to your dog, um, Booger?"

"Oh, him? Well, he was hiding under a bridge between a llama and a pot-bellied pig. I thought I had it bad with the dress, but poor Booger had him on a pair of Ray-Bans, a Marlin's baseball cap, and a diamond studded bikini top wrapped around his middle. Dang! I haven't seen him look that embarrassed since he met the wrong end of a skunk. Let me tell you--"

"Thank you, Mr. Beauregard. That's all we need."

"Fine. You sure I can't have your number?"


Image: hansol

Hello, folks. The above silliness featuring my muse, Clyde Beauregard, is part of Chrys Fey's I Survived Blogfest in honor of her new book, Tsunami Crimes, third in her disaster crimes series. Actual tsunamis are horrifying. You need only see movies like The Impossible or check out the footage of the 2004 tsunami in Thailand or the 2011 tsunami in Japan on YouTube to get an idea of their destructive power. If you are ever on a beach and the waves recede to a great degree, do run quickly and find higher ground. 

Title: Tsunami Crimes
Series: Disaster Crimes #3
Author: Chrys Fey
Genre: Romantic-Suspense
Page Count: 272

BLURB: Beth and Donovan have come a long way from Hurricane Sabrina and the San Francisco earthquake. Now they are approaching their wedding day and anxiously waiting to promise each other a lifetime of love. The journey down the aisle isn’t smooth, though, as they receive threats from the followers of the notorious criminal, Jackson Storm. They think they’ll be safe in Hawaii, but distance can’t stop these killers. Not even a tsunami can.

This monstrous wave is the most devastating disaster Beth has ever faced. It leaves her beaten, frightened. Is she a widow on her honeymoon? As she struggles to hold herself together and find Donovan, she’s kidnapped by Jackson's men.

Fearing her dead, Donovan searches the rubble and shelters with no luck. The thought of her being swept out to sea is almost too much for him to bear, but the reality is much worse. She’s being used as bait to get him to fall into a deadly trap.

If they live through this disaster, they may never be the same again. 



99 CENTS: Amazon
And everywhere ebooks are sold. 


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Are you ready to celebrate or are you stocking your basement with tuna and bottled water? Yep, we are getting a new president today in the US. Hopefully he will be too busy with all the inaugural balls to instigate any international incidents. (Sigh) I need a happy place. How about you? Here's some pictures of the grand trees along my new favorite walking spot in Durand Park.

Genuine U-shaped tree

Love the contrasting colors of this bark

Good place for a fairy tale

Thanks to our host, Lexa Cain, and cohosts:  L.G. Keltner and Tonya Drecker. How are you celebrating/surviving inauguration day? Seen The Impossible? Ready to dive into a romance/suspense novel?

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  1. LOL! Poor Booger.

    I love the bark's texture in that second photo.

  2. a sequined lady's sarong and a diamond studded bikini top. Hahaha! That was funny! Thank you so much for participating in my blogfest!

  3. Tsunami crimes should be an exiting read. Brexit in the UK and a New President in the US should certainly make for interesting times if nothing else. I guess we all have to wait and see what comes next. Love the tree photos.

  4. You're muse sure knows how to spin a tale.

  5. Your interview is fan-TAB-ulous! Funny, too. You've got quite a way with words, lady. :)

    Those trees are super-cool.

    Well, it's only about two hours until the inauguration. (sigh) I've watched every one of them for lots of years now, so I suppose I'll watch this one, too. I may not like it, but it's time for me to suck it up and hope things go a LOT better than I anticipate for the next four years. (I suppose it's a little too early for a shot of bourbon, eh...?)

  6. This was excellent! And hilarious ;-) Poor Booger. Loved the pictures, especially the fairy tale tree.

  7. hilarious story! sounds like one of my 8th grade students!
    and gorgeous pics!
    happy friday!

  8. Funny! That's going to make for a really great photo in the newspaper.

  9. That story was so funny. Not the tsunami, of course, but Clyde's description. That's quite a Muse you have there, Tamara.

  10. Funny how they always find the dumbest people to interview. I guess because they provide the most entertainment.

  11. LOL, what a cute story. Well done. Love the dog element.
    Juneta @ Writer's Gambit

  12. Lol!!! I love how he tried to get her number and had his shorts ripped off! Thanks for the chuckle today. These stories are so great! Great dog too. :)

  13. A very interesting interview. Happy all survived, the liger and Booger too.

  14. I love Clyde - he's hilarious! A really entertaining read! I'll be putting Chrys's giveaway on my blog next Fri and linking back to this page. I hope others get to read this delightful interview. Have a great weekend!

  15. Great interview :) And I love your tree pics... esp the U-shaped one... how cool.

  16. Love the writing - what a great idea to launch a book. Yes - here in the UK we wait with bated breath to see what happens as your new president takes office. What a year 2016 turned out to be - Brexit and Trump!! Looking at nature is one way to restore serenity :) Have a good week - Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  17. Wonderful interview-Clyde is amazing. Congrats, Chrys! And I love the pictures. Trees can be so lovely.

  18. Fun "interview"! I can't watch tsunami-related movies. Too frightening. I do love your tree pics!

  19. Keep looking at the trees: they now a thing or two about surviving. Either that or put your head between your knees and prepare to kiss your ass goodbye.

  20. Tamara, What fun giggles with Clyde Beauregard & Booger's account of the Tsunami. lol Really good stuff! Chrys new book blurp sounds intriguing and hope she makes a boat load of money in sells. What cool photos! I love the U shaped tree! I don't think I've ever seen anything like that, not that U shaped anyhow. Really cool pix! Have a good week and keep on celebrating!

  21. Tsunamis are scary, enjoyed reading this piece. And love the photos, especially the close up of the bark.


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