Friday, April 14, 2017

L is for LIttle Mermaid

Image: Loren Javier

I need a break from all the CIA, assassinations, and other dreary topics. So let's consider the conspiracy theory involving some of Disney's most popular animated films.

This comes from VH1 in a post from Christopher Rosa.

In Frozen, Elsa and Anna's parents go on a voyage from Arendelle, but where were they heading? How about to Corona to celebrate the return of Rapunzel to her parents? Sure! But then their boat sank. NOO! Rapunzel and Flynn felt the need to pay their condolences, so they went to Elsa's coronation. (Rapunzel and Flynn are in the Frozen, but you'll never find them unless you know when and where to look.)

Remember the sunken ship in The Little Mermaid? That's the one Elsa and Anna's parents were traveling on. Mind blown?

And here's one more Little Mermaid theory about Ariel's mom from a Knack Time YouTube video:

Do you know any other conspiracy theories about fictional characters?


  1. That's got to be the cutest conspiracy theory ever! :)


  2. Interesting conspiracy twist... But I've never seen the Little Mermaid (I'm not sure how my daughter missed it, I'm sure she saw it growing up but she was never cartoons)

  3. Also, it is canon that Ariel is the mother of the Prince from Cinderella. It was in one of the straight-to-DVD Disney movies. :D
    Question: If the sunken ship in Little Mermaid was that of Elsa's parents, why the hell did they have a statue of the Prince?...

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  4. Disney is so full of conspiracy theories! I love it so! Even though he is not a fictional character, Walt Disney, was believed to be a part of the Illuminati.

    Boo from Monsters, Inc is the witch in Brave and there is a carving of Sully in her cave.

    Andy's Mom in the Toy Story is actually Jessie's owner that gave her away a long time again, making her name Emily.

    That's all I can think of.

  5. Wasn't aware.
    I love the Little Mermaid - the story that has the happy ending with our heroine retaining all- her voice, her legs & the prince.

  6. Cute conspiracy theories. I'm sure Ursula had something to do with all those shipwrecks... Happy A-to-Z-ing.

  7. Love it! I'm with Ronel, Ursula was behind all those shipwrecks. Happy Easter.

  8. there is another conspiracy theory that links tarzan to the frozen and little mermaid conspiracy theory. i only saw it posted once, but it was intriguing.

    awesome post.

  9. I've heard the urban legend about one of the castle spires on the cover of The Little Mermaid being a phallic symbol, though it appears that was an accident and not deliberately done by a disgruntled artist.

    1. Then you should check out the clips of the character's wedding. Apparently the priest was quite "excited" during the ceremony.

  10. Wow. Apparently I am clueless about Disney princesses and fairytale stories. Fascinating ideas there though!

  11. I've heard some pretty fun ways that many of the Disney Princess and Pixar characters and story lines connect. Surely Merida must also have some connection to Ariel because of the red hair, right? :-D

  12. Isn't it also a theory that in Tarzan, the couple that die at the beginning are related to Elsa or something? I know I watched a youtube video on it. I think it was by Game Theory's movie theory channel.

  13. Oh yes, that's the part of the Disney thing that someone did linking all the Disney films into one universe. Or was that Pixar. I know there's a Pixar one. Kind of fun nonetheless.

  14. Sounds like a fractured fairy tale to me, but a cute one!

  15. Oh my, a conspiracy in la la land. Cute.

  16. I've heard a few of the DIsney conspiracy theories, but this is the first time I've heard the Ariel/Peter Pan. Usually I hear the ones about Pixar. I'm not really sure I believe any of the movie creators actually incorporated these intricate plotlines into the films, but it is fun to think about.

    With Love,

  17. A conspiracy theory involving fairy tale characters! Who would have thought that would ever happen.
    Little Mermaid is my favourite fairy tale character. The only one I like actually. She is so real somehow. She suffers loss and pain, unlike others of her kind.

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  18. Disney loves to pack those ties in. Wow.

  19. I'd heard the Tangled/Frozen connection before, but not linking it to Little Mermaid, and the video connecting Peter Pan and Little Mermaid was cute too. Great stuff!
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