Friday, September 22, 2017

Celebrate the Small Things

It's Friday fun time! Release the confetti! This fabulous blog hop is hosted by the author of Bloodwalker, Lexa Cain and L.G. Keltner and Tonja Drecker.

1. It's officially fall, but the weather doesn't seem to care. We're still getting up into the high 70s and low 80s and it's beautiful. I even got a lot of plants around the house trimmed and cleaned up all the garbage/planters/ancient hoses hiding under/behind the plants surrounding our deck. It was a disgusting job and I ruined a pair of white sneakers, but it was worth it. 

2. I went to visit my daughters' teachers last night at their school's open house. The most common comment for both kids: "She's so quiet!" Really? I ought to record the screaming matches that go on at home and post them sometime. But seriously, I'm thankful the kidlets behave at school and work hard. Kudos to them. 

3. Books and cats. Without these, I don't know how I'd handle all the stress. Here's some photos and fun filters taken by my daughter, Sedona. Enjoy!

A reversal of darks and lights. I ought to update my blog photo with this. I love it.

Mr. Mistofellees perched on our grill-turned-bird-feeding station. Catch anything, bud?

Our sweet Dove, snoozing on the kitchen table. But don't let her cute looks fool you...

She can be a real blockhead. For example, Dove sticks her tongue in other people's water glasses (and laps it up) allll the time, and...

She's not above sticking out that same tongue at us, but we don't mind too much because...

Dove rocks the house! Yeah, baby!

Have a rockin' good weekend, y'all!


Does it look like fall where you live? What's your least favorite chore around the house or yard? Do you take crazy pictures of your pets? 


  1. Funny photos!
    That's great your kids behave in public. That means you've taught them respect.

  2. Teachers used to say the same thing about me. Hmm, it's probably still true.... :)

  3. People would always tell me how polite and good-natured my kid were. At home, they'd fight and say such sweet things as- get it yourself, etc. I figured as long as they had manners when they left the house and fooled the general public, all was good.

  4. Funny, the school I'm at today had their back to school night last night, too. Cats can be such characters.

  5. The weather has been annoyingly moody. Ilke in a lame summer that now doesn’t want to leave annoying! So I gave up paying attention to it! Yes Kudos to your kids. All I hear about mine is “they are so smart but they talk too much in class” 

  6. Great that your kids behave in school! That's a real blessing.

  7. It's a little like fall but our days have been really warm also. Raked some leaves today though there are plenty more still to fall. None of my children were ever labeled as quiet at school and like yours, very loud at home.

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  9. Wow, yes, celebrate the small things! But this spammer did a huge post!


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