Friday, December 15, 2017

Celebrate the Small Things

It's Friday! Christmas is coming, the goose is getting stressed. Put another chore on the old woman's chest. (That's me-gasp, gasp.) In other words, with all the stoof going on, this will be my last post until January 3, 2018. But first, let me thank our host, by Lexa Cain and her cohosts L.G. Keltner and Tonja Drecker.

I ventured out to my favorite walking place in Durand park last Sunday. We finally got some snow, but since it was just a dusting, I figured it would be safe to take one last walk through the trees.

It was beautiful. The snow was coming down like sifted flour, coating everything including this huge, willow tree.

My favorite part was seeing the snow on moss. The flakes were so tiny and the moss was still green. Together they made a beautiful pattern I would kill to capture in a painting. The photos don't really do it justice, but that's my fault for starting this walk an hour before sunset.

After taking quick Mother-may-I steps around the lake, I headed up some short, steep hills. The slippery snow hid a thick layer of dry leaves. Guess who fell and slid down one of those hills on her tush? That would be me. Yowch. I guess I'll be sticking to the paved road until spring.

This has been the year of outdoor mishaps for sure. After crashing my bike and capsizing my kayak, I guess a tumble down a snow-covered hill is a fitting way to end the year. Good thing I don't ski, or else this would be me: (Oh my. That was a total Pat Hatt sentence.)


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Love or hate snow? Have a favorite walking place? Taken any spectacular spills this year? 


  1. Bet you had a good laugh about it though.
    Envy your snow.

  2. No snow in Melbourne, except once, many years ago, about enough in those little piles to make a snowball or two. And living where I do, my walks are by the suburban beach. But there are seagulls, albatrosses and others, and once, to my amazement, a large number of swans! I have no idea where they came from. Maybe the Botanical Gardens, but that's a fair way off - why were they flying so far out if their area?

    Of Books And Christmas

  3. Your photos are beautiful!

    Wow, you're lucky you didn't sprain your ankle in the fall. That would probably be me, too if I ever went hiking in the snow. The last time I had an embarrassing fall was when our gardener dug a hole around our sprinklers and my foot went in one while getting out of my car. I fell like something out of a bad movie. In slow motion. Luckily I wasn't hurt. Just my ego.

  4. Snow... I don't have much of an opinion. It's pretty when it dusts the local mountains. But it doesn't snow near me.

    I like walking around my condo complex. It's a short walk, though.

    Take care. No more falls, okay?

  5. I'm experiencing a bit of snow envy. Out here in CA we are dry, dry, dry. Send some snowy wishes our way. Have a great 2018.


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