Wednesday, September 4, 2019

IWSG September 2019

Okay, what happened? Didn't school end last week or so? And now the kiddos are going back? Really? I should be jumping up and down because school = quiet writing time, but I'm not. Because school = getting up at 6:00 a.m. or 5:20 a.m. NOOOOO!

Breathe, breathe. 

A-hem. I'd like to thank Alex Cavanaugh for hosting this blog-hop and this wonderful online community along with the co-hosts Gwen Gardner, Doreen McGettigan, Tyrean Martinson, Chemist Ken, and Cathrina Constantiner!

Optional Question: If you could pick one place in the world to sit and write your next story, where would it be and why?

My husband was just telling me yesterday that Barack Obama's mom rented him a house on the coast of Bali so he could finish his book, Dreams From My Father. For five months. 

Wow. I can't believe it didn't take longer. If I was there, I don't think I'd do any writing. I'd just stare at the water, walk the beach, and swim.

Image: Jack

So, if I really wanted to focus on my writing with absolutely no distractions whatsoever, perhaps I should go here:


With a high speed internet connection and three meals a day, who knows what I could accomplish? Then again, a cell would destroy my sanity creativity. 

I'd much rather be somewhere scenic, in the mountains, with snow in the winter months.

Image: Carl Mueller

I might pick Banff. Lake Louise is gorgeous. There are beautiful hiking trails and the hotel we stayed at years ago had a great pool and hot tub--just the thing for relaxing after a long hike. 

Then there's the Blue Ridge Mountains. My folks live right beside them in Asheville, NC, so I'd know where to get a good meal.

Crabtree Falls, 2009 03 HDR
Image: Jim Dollar

But with the responsibility of family, house, and pets, my next book will be written at home, of course.


Have you ever written outside of your home on a vacation, business trip, or retreat?


  1. All those beautiful places, I’d love to have the chance to write there, but given my circumstances, one can dream - I agree with you about the cell and sanity 🤗

  2. The faraway places are too distracting but the cell would be too crazy-making. I'm good writing at home. :)

  3. Like you, if I went to a new and delectable place like Obama did, I'd be on the beach every day! Writing? Are you kidding?

  4. His mother rented him a place?
    The Asheville area is beautiful. I'd live there if I wasn't tied to a job right now.

  5. A rental on the coast of Bali to stay at while writing a book sounds heavenly.

  6. I'd get distracted by the beauty of nature, too.

  7. I could live with that one view. Although the Blue Ridge Mountains are gorgeous, too.

  8. I would struggle to write with a beach that close, too. I think the Blue Ridge Mountains would also be distracting, but after a really good walk every day, I could see relaxing into a nice writing routine.
    Happy writing at home!

  9. I think prison could be a very productive place- as long as you could avoid getting shivved. Or shived. Not sure how to spell that.

  10. Sounds as if you have a lot of wonderful options if only you could get away. Banff looks great, by the way. Not so sure about the cell, however.

  11. I always think I'm going to write while on vacation, but it never happens. I always write more at home. But a retreat would be worth a shot sometime.

  12. I like Banff, in winter, but I'd spend all day on the slopes and night in the hot springs at the lodge!

  13. Nice. Funny how the most familiar is the best for creativity. If I was on vacation, I'd sit in a lounge chair, facing all that nature, and watch the birds.

  14. Blue Ridge Mountains are beautiful. You've got some great choices.

  15. I’d certainly go somewhere with a beautiful beach, but in the cooler months, and stay in a hostel where I could just whip up meals in the evening and finish what I’d begun on the beach. That way I’d be able to take a walk, but not be tempted to swim and lie around. Apollo Bay in Victoria is a good place for that.

  16. Loved the pictures. All beautiful places. Happy IWSG!

  17. Oh gosh, I can't choose from these as all of the pics are so gorgeous. But I think I'd go with Banff as I've always wanted to visit there. Like you though my book, if I ever actually finish it, will be written at home LOL.

  18. Your photo of a prison cell stirred my fond memory. One of my favorite old TV shows is Remington Steel. In one of its episodes, the story is about writers and their idiosyncrasies. One writer character in the episode was a former convict, who learned to write while serving his time. When he got out and became a bestselling author, he converted his writing studio into a prison cell. He claimed he wrote best in such an environment.

  19. ha - I so get you:
    Yay! the kids are back at school, time to write!
    Boo! No lie-ins!

  20. I'd probably need the jail cell too but definitely it'd more likely destroy my sanity. And I need that to fuel my creativity. Unless I'm writing a thriller/suspense or horror story. Too bad, I write mostly poetry, romance and fantasy.
    Personally if I had to pick a place, it'd be somewhere Harry Potter related. Like King's Cross station platform 9 3/4 and Goathland station, which is the setting for Hogsmeade station.

  21. I've traveled to many different places for writing retreats, including Romania, but I do my best writing at home (as long as my annoying noisy neighbors cooperate). If I'm going to somewhere new and fascinating, I don't want to "waste" time writing. I'd rather see and experience all I can, and use those experiences to inspire my writing once I'm home again.


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