Wednesday, April 1, 2020

IWSG April 2020

Well, that was a month, wasn't it? Strangest month ever. Can you keep writing fiction when your life turns into a dystopian novel? Not me. And I'm okay about that. The focus now is on keeping the household as healthy and as happy as possible while we stay at home, day after day after day after ...
Queensway Hwy - Groundhog

Image: Robbie

You get the picture. We even watched the movie Groundhog Day so our 13-year-old could better appreciate her lament that every day seems the same now.

Let's get on with the show!

April's Optional Question: How are things in your world? 

Well, it's not boring. I guess that's a plus, right? On the morning of Saturday, March 14, the call came in. School was closed for the foreseeable future. 

There was much rejoicing. 

By the following Wednesday, teachers were sending assignments and setting up Google meets for  classes.

By this time, RIT, where my husband is a math professor, had also closed and he was developing online lectures and assignments for his students. I'm extremely grateful his job is one that can be done online.


1. Husband: cancellation of trip to Boca Raton for math conference and to spend time with his parents.

Ariel the little mermaid Ride

Image: Lee

2. 13-year-old daughter: her school play, The Little Mermaid, was postponed from late March to late May. (I'm not holding my breath on that.) This was particularly painful as it is her last year. Her Stringfest concert was cancelled. Her E.L.A. statewide standardized test was cancelled. (Yay!)

3. 15-year-old daughter: Solofest for clarinet was cancelled and she's been taking lessons for almost a year in preparation for it. Private clarinet lessons cancelled. Solofest for voice cancelled.

4. We were supposed to travel to Kiawah Island, S.C., in mid-May for our annual vacation with my parents. This year would have been especially meaningful to my 15-year-old as she was planning to celebrate her sweet sixteen there: her favorite place in all the world. I will be stunned if we are able to make this trip.

Not bummers:

1. Sleeping late every day.

Walk in the woods, Autumn 2018
Image: Claudio

2. Taking long walks, playing yard games or board games with my daughters.

3. Reframing take-out meals and Amazon purchases as our contributions to the economy.

4. Spoiling our two cats rotten with extra playtime, brushings, and belly rubs.

The news is scary and sometimes overwhelming, but there are cool things happening out there. Some of my faves include the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago letting their penguins explore things from the customers' side, and the Georgia Aquarium sending adoptable puppies racing through their exhibits. So you've got to wonder, which aquarium will up the ante? My vote's for emus. Have you seen them run?


What animal would you like to see visit an aquarium? Is your state staying-at-home yet? Any cancellations bumming you out? What "good news" has made you smile recently?



  1. Most of California is just asking people to stay home - but all schools, restraunts, bars, casino's, have been closed. And suddenly I need a haircut, lol. Still, the streets are less crowded.

    I have 10 acres in the woods to self isolate in, if my job would just let me.

    Stay well and happy in your forced vacation. I think lots of school things are going to change in the near future now that we are showing parents can teach their kids.

  2. Glad your family and you are healthy and that your husband can work from home. I'm a contract writer and am grateful that I can continue to work too.

  3. Our local aquarium is doing things like that, too, and it's so much fun. Really brightens the day! :)

    Love the "reframing" of the take-out meals!

  4. I'm sorry your family will miss so many events. We were to fly to see my husband's parents for a week this month, but no way now.

    Our zoo is posting daily videos of the animals on Facebook for people to enjoy and some are quite funny.

  5. Sorry your family doesn't get to enjoy those things. But sleeping in is good. So is take out pizza!

  6. Hugs, Tamara. All the cancellations are a real bummer. It's a tough time. My heart goes out to your daughters--they must be so sad.

    Personally, I'd like to see a hippo visit an aquarium. The world needs more hippos.

  7. All those cancellations are hard on the kids. Hopefully, all those measures will stop or slow down the virus and let more people stay healthy.

  8. There are definite ups and downs in all of this. What I'm enjoying is the change of pace. I actually am not rushing anywhere, and now I'm why I ever did?

  9. I did have a cancellation of an annual spa trip, but I'm not lamenting, given the circumstances. More concern to me are my daughter and sister, both nurses on the front lines. At home, we're secure and safe for the time being. And staying up late and sleeping in has been something of a bonus!

  10. The "not bummers" are the things we need to focus on. Stay safe, Tamara!

  11. In Michigan, our governor closed schools on March 12. Hubs & I stayed home starting that weekend. Shortly after, restaurants and bars were closed (except for take-out), then the shelter-in-place order came. Since we're retired, staying at home isn't a hardship. My heart goes out to those who have no paychecks, no babysitters so they can do essential jobs. The worst for me is missing the grandkids. But we need to stay safe. I hope you will, too.

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  13. There are some good things coming out of this mess. I'm happy to read about some of them here today. Thanks.

  14. I'm still writing, but it's some of the weirdest (for me) stuff, ever. If the pandemic continues, I may wake up in a world where I'm a well known... uhm... children's author? That can't be right.
    Happy IWSG Day.


I will do everything in my power to visit commenter's blogs unless I've been abducted by aliens or my children get sick. (If my children get abducted by aliens, I will be very busy, of course, catching up on my sleep.)