Wednesday, February 3, 2021

February IWSG 2021


Another IWSG day, and another snowfall! Yesterday, I saw plenty of jokes on how every day is like Groundhog Day, and I swear, I thought I had an idea for a post today until I read my December IWSG post and realized I'd be repeating myself. Sigh. 

Anyhoo, let me thank the host of this here par-tay: Alex J. Cavanaugh and his cohort of cohosts: Louise - Fundy Blue , Jennifer Lane, Mary Aalgaard, Patsy Collins at Womagwriter, and Nancy Gideon!

This month's optional question is about blogging and friendships. There are many wonderful bloggers I've been in contact with over the years, but my brain is locked in other areas, so I will skip it this month.

Today I'm wondering: How long can you be on a writing hiatus and still consider yourself a writer?

When I first started writing, my girls were three and one years old. The three-year-old went to a preschool in the morning and my husband took my one-year-old on two-hour shopping trips twice a week so I could write. What a guy.

I used that time wisely and cranked out a first draft (what a mess) in a matter of months. Later, when the kids were in grade school (and rode the bus!!!), I might have seven hours to write, five days a week. What a windfall. Those were the golden years and I should have appreciated them more. 

Then came middle school and the bus became the ninth circle of hell, apparently. My time started to dwindle as evening time started to shift to more and more homework help.

Skip ahead to today. High School. Pandemic. Hybrid schedule with in-person classes only two days a week. I've come full circle, and yet that is not true. I haven't been using those precious, quiet hours to write. Yesterday, I spent them drafting a study guide for AP Chemistry, Unit Four on Lewis Dot Structures, Lattice Energy, and Bond Enthalpies. Not quite as exciting as writing fiction, let me tell you. 

But I'm a former professor who loves her kids and will do anything I can to help them through this current state of educational chaos.

Am I still a writer? 

Are you?

Snow, Clouds, and Christmas Lights at dusk from my front door.


  1. You're still a writer, just writing different things. It will settle down, kids back in school, and you'll be able to write for you again.

  2. However long you need. You're still a writer even when you're struggling to write, I believe. You're still a writer even when you decide to take a break. <3

  3. I couldn't put together a study guide on chemistry of any kind.

    The one manuscript I read was beautiful and I know you have more of those in you.

  4. I wss asking that same question about how long I could say I was a writing when I wasn't actually writing. I haven't figured out my answer yet.

  5. I think you still are a writer. While I was taking care of my husband, being a good mom, and managing a job as a full-time attorney, I just didn't have the time to write much most of the time. But I wouldn't trade my time with my daughter and husband for anything, and they needed me to support them. Now that my husband sadly died and my daughter is an adult, I have more time to myself to write. My advice to you is to write when you can for now and know when your kids are grown you can devote more time to your writing.

  6. It is frustrating to not work fulltime on your passion. Look at it this way, living life, caring for your family gives you depth that is reflected in your work.

    I am a huge reader and only returned to fiction after I retired. There was a gap in what I what I read in my thirties that turned me into a non-fiction reader. I am happily back reading fiction. But I am as picky as ever.

  7. Yes, you're still a writer! Even if you're not able to spend time writing, as long as you still want to be a writer, then I think you are one.

  8. Yes, you are still a writer in my estimation, Tamara! There are many, many forms of writing, and a lot of them are non-fiction. Life sometimes forces us to put our passions aside and focus on critical things like getting our kiddos through this terrible pandemic time. (I don't have kids, but I was a teacher and I understand responsibility). Chemistry was the bane of my existence, but only because I struggled with math. The concepts in chemistry are magnificent and help us to understand the physical foundation of our world and its place universe, from the tiniest particles to the most gigantic. If you can crack open that wonder and understanding for students, even through a study guide, that is awesome! May you get back to the form of writing that you love best very soon. Take care!

  9. Yes, you're still a writer and just think of all the stories you'll have to tell once this Is over!

  10. Ah, I know the balance struggle of writing and being a mother. It's one of the reasons why I couldn't quit my day job, because then I'd lose my lunch hour/writing time. I say you're still a writer. I hope you find your groove again.

  11. Just by posting on your blog, you are writing AKA a writer. I had 5 children and finding time for myself seemed almost impossible. But there will come a time when you will be able to put words to an interesting story.

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