Friday, April 30, 2010

Beach Vacation Check List: Helmet, MS, And Foo Stick

Next week, my family is flying to Charleston, SC. We will meet my parents on Kiawah Island to swim, bike, and eat mom’s cooking. I might not be blogging. We’ll have to see if there is an internet connection. I know, I suck.

The first thing I need to pack is a helmet for my husband. Three years ago, he went biking with my parents and got bashed on the head by a downward moving bar guarding the road entrance to a private golf course. I wasn’t there. I was back at the house napping. I hold my parents responsible.

Two years ago we were at the playground with the girls. He jumped up to the second level of a jungle gym and brained himself on an extremely hard, horizontal bar of metal. I was impressed he didn’t faint. One year ago, he decided to be more vigilant. But the shower rod in our bathroom came loose and hit him, you guessed it, on the noggin.

Today I printed my ms to take for another read through. I’m on a typo hunt. My worst enemies seem to be possessives and plurals. I put apostrophes on plurals and leave ‘em out for possessives. Spell check doesn’t help. I also like to use 'hopping' and 'scrapping' when I mean 'hoping' and 'scraping'. Spell check doesn’t catch those either. What are your typo demons?

I plan on reading the ms out loud, with gusto. Except I might have to whisper. I don’t want my kids to catch me. It ain’t exactly Winnie the Pooh. And I really don’t want my husband to hear this. He will make fun; I will get pissed. In fact, I just might grab my big Bunny Foo-Foo Stick and bop him a good one. Guess where?


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