Monday, April 26, 2010

Easter Lilies, Alcohol, And Other Inappropriate Gifts for Cats

Hello pet lovers. Did you know that lilies are potentially fatal to cats? I did not. I found out three weeks after an Easter lily had been sitting by this very desk. And when I checked, yep, several leaves had been chewed. Only one of my two fur-babies eats plants, so I knew who won the trip to visit Dr. Schumacher. Sidney, fluff-muffin, come on down! You’re the next contestant on Please Tell Me This Price Ain’t Right.

Off we went to the vet—Sidney, me, and my two children. Sidney got some blood work done and my kids each got a peppermint all at the low, low price of $190. Yowza. The doc assured me that Sidney was probably fine since she was eating, drinking, and acting normal.

Lilies ruin a cat’s renal function. Dr. Schumacher told me there’s a place in Boston where they will put your cat on weekly dialysis if their little kidneys go kaput. I smiled and told him that was out of my price range. He smiled and said he felt ridiculous bringing it up.

Home-again, home-again with a grumpy feline, two kids covered in peppermint goo, and a brochure from the ASPCA listing 101 household dangers. Here is my personal fave:

79. Alcohol – Alcoholic beverages are toxic to pets and should NEVER be given to them during the holidays or any other time.

Are you smiling? If so, good for you! There’s something wrong with that sentence. If you are rolling on the floor, laughing and need of a dry pair of undies, bravo! You possess some editorial savvy. Why continue past ‘them’ or 'pets' for that matter? Are there people out there slipping Princess a bowl of bubbly on New Year’s or Fido a brewski during the Superbowl? Please tell me no. Please.

As for Sydney-pepper, her blood work came back clear. Whew! Time to celebrate, uh, responsibly with nip. Sydney, step away from the Mike's. Right now.


  1. Note to self...don't let Little Tart outside unless I remove all lilies from the yard. Check.

    Vets...and their bills. Sometimes I really think I got into the wrong field. We got a vet bill for my daughter horse that was $500.14. Yikes! Yeah, wrong field indeed. LoL. ;-)


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