Friday, May 28, 2010

What's In A Name

Hello fellow aspiring writers. As part of our quest for super-stardom ala J.K. Rowling, one of our missions is to create a name for ourselves. Start a blog, twitter until it hurts, whatever. Name recognition is key.

Hands typing on keyboard, text and symbols superimposed

Now some people are very smart. Take mi amiga, Justine Dell. She uses her full name on Bransforums. (I picked a pseudo name, because for some odd reason I felt intimidated in the beginning. What? I’m going to offer other people writing advice? Gulp.)

Justine also has a rockin’ blog titled under, once again, her full name. I picked ‘Get Your Giggle On’. It sounded hip and silly. Googling this phrase, I came in today at number four behind an article written for an internet conference, a short story with GYGO as a title, and a site to help those recover from the loss of a loved one. Not too shabby, I suppose.

I guess my next mission is to look in buying a domain name. Check this out if you want to know more. I’ll get around to it, eventually. Maybe.

Somewhere, out there, my future publicist is getting a migraine. Did I mention I really want to publish under my maiden name, Burton?


  1. Thanks for the shot out!

    Branding is very important, and I thought very carefully about it before setting up my Bransforum account, blog, twitter, and all that jazz. If you google my name, I'm second - which I think is pretty cool ;-)

    Good post!



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