Friday, July 2, 2010

What's Going On

Message with web address inside bottle

Good Morning. Let’s see what’s going on in blog world:

1. June 30 and July 2: The Creepy Query Girl shows us how to deal with a full rejection. I got my first this morning, but it came with specific reasons for the rejection, which gives me something useful to ponder other than the general “I didn’t love it enough.” The agent was also kind enough to say they were sure another agent would feel differently, which I’ll interpret as, “This isn’t good enough for us, but your book isn’t worthless, so do continue on your quest for representation.”

2. June 28: Spunk on a Stick’s L. Diane Wolfe shared some personnel trials and tribulations of burn-out which are particularly enlightening. See, even published authors get the blues.

4. Justine Dell’s on a two-week hiatus. We’ll miss you, and hope it’s a productive break.

5. Christi Goddard’s 106th Follower Contest closes on the Fourth, so get your short stories in (around 500 words). Excellent gift-card prizes await.

I’ll be spending time hosting different relatives at the house, which means I actually need to clean up this dump. Plus I'll be traveling to a family reunion next week, where there will be a professional photographer lurking around. Uhg, why didn't I get my hair cut this week? Or lose ten pounds? Maybe I can hide behind my children.

The week of the 12th, I’m hoping to schedule our new carpet installation. The present rag on the floor is 23-years-old and has stains on its stains. Begone, foul berber! Your giraffe-spotted spoilage sickens me! So blogging may sporadic. Hope you have an excellent 4th, dear readers.



  1. How cool of you to add some awesome links! I'll miss Justine while she is away, but she was nice and dropped by to say hi today :)


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