Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beware the Ides of . . . July?

Think you had a bad day? At least you weren't stabbed in the back!
Image courtesy: Biker Jun

Hello, I'm back. Will I be posting regularly? Not a clue. The question on everyone's lips this time of year: "How was your summer?" You are supposed to say, "fine, good, great" or some other quick, but vague remark before replying, "How was yours?"

Well, my summer started out totally, freaking awesome. I was writing a strong second draft to my ms, working in my daughter's school garden, getting in shape, reading a ton. Our family was spending weekends flying down water slides and spinning ourselves silly on the Tilt-A-Whirl. I remember thinking, and I'm not making this up, "Wow, life right now is so good--too good. Something's got to give."

Then came July 15. My husband's slight vision problem got serious. For his privacy, I won't delve into the whole spiel, but there's been an ER visit, doctor's visits, procedures, surgery, and more to come. He's not in mortal peril or in any physical pain, but it's a game changer.

As this was going on, my youngest caught a virus. She's on an immunosuppressent drug, so her body couldn't shake the fever. On day ten, we had to go to the ER for fluids. She handled the long day of tests, X-rays, and collection of body fluids like a champ.

To add to the mounting chaos, my fourteen-year-old cat was suffering from some ailment that was causing her to drop weight and pee in massive chunks. Diabetes? Yes, that's what I thought since my other kitty has that. But no. After two rounds of antibiotics, three urine collections and an X-ray, it turns out the animal has kidney stones. My vet told me he'd never seen kidney stones in a cat in 24 years of practicing. She's on a new diet and I'm mixing a medicine into her food, but that's it. Surgery on a fourteen-year-old cat is asking for trouble and only specialists attempt it.

Is that enough stress? No. In the middle of my new role as medical transportation specialist, I found a lump in my armpit. First available appointment was a week away, giving me plenty of hours to stew over the dire possibilities. Then my luck turned. The lump dissolved by the time the appointment rolled around. The doctor believed it was just a blocked sweat gland. Whew!

During these mad weeks, I would glance at the calendar and dream of September 6, the first day of school. I would fantasize about writing again, even blogging! That blessed moment was only two days away when my 'healthy' daughter caught a fever. I almost lost it. My long awaited free time was disappearing fast like a desert mirage. Instead of gently offering popsicles and cool compresses, I turned into a cursing, raging, rhymes-with-witch fiend. Then . . . the child got better yesterday. I put her on the bus this morning with her sister. They were all smiles. I'd post a picture, but the camera batteries bit the dust just as I was snapping the shot. But it's no biggie. They'll get on the bus again tomorrow. And here I am, writing this blog to you fine people.

Our family's not out of woods, healthwise, but we're on a path of recovery/management, living as strong as possible. It's funny how fast things can change. As writers, we are told to give our characters hell. Bad things bring a plot to life and move the story forward.

Note to whoever is writing my family's life: Could we take a little breather from the bad stuff, pretty-please?

So, how was your summer?


  1. I hope everything works out for your hubby's vision and that you all stay well. Isn't it something how life throws those monkey wrenches at us, and it seems like they all come at once. Those monkeys drive me bananas. (Okay, not funny, but I tried!) Take care, Tamara.

  2. Oh my! Tamara, that's like a bad dream. I hope all goes well with your husband's sight.

    If you feel you've hit bottom, that's good, because the only place to go from there is up.

  3. my summer was fast--hope all of your family is on the mends!

  4. Summer was fast, definitely. And at 90 degrees today it isn't feeling like it's really over. I get those blocked glands often, they usually are worsened by hormones. :( But I can relate... it's so scary.

  5. I'm sorry you went through this. When it rains it pours. :(

    The summer went by fast for me.


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