Monday, July 6, 2015

Michael G D'Agostino's Question of the Month

Here's the big question:

"What are three things that you'd do tomorrow if you weren't blocked by fear?"

Wow! That's a good one.

First off, I'd be honest even if it got me into trouble. I think there's a movie based on this idea. Remember Jim Carrey's "Liar Liar"? Hmmm. Maybe that would be a dangerous idea, but it's strange how much I edit what comes out of my mouth so I don't ruffle any feathers. That's what happens when you're a people pleaser. 

Second, I would have to zip back to yesterday in my handy-dandy time travel machine and ride the Boomerang at Darien Lake with my eight-year-old daughter. Miss Fearless really wanted to go on this thing even though it flips riders upside down 6 times in one minute, 3 of which backwards. I admit it. I chickened out. 

Boomerang Coast To Coaster
Image courtesy: Patrick McGarvey

Can you blame me?

Third, I'd think of a way to be more social off line. Since my local writing group disbanded, I haven't been around people outside my immediate family much. Between kids, house, writing, and whatnot, I hardly even notice most of the time, but it would be good to talk to somebody about something other than what's for dinner once in a while.

All righty then. Can't wait to see what other people are afraid of. This is a blog hop, so please join the fun! You can find the linked list at A LIfe Examined. Thank you Michael for hosting this monthly event.


  1. I'm not much for roller coasters either, but mostly because they hurt my head.

  2. Ha, I love the idea of being honest! And I would want to be more social, too. I'm basically a hermit.

  3. Being more honest and not worrying about the consequences of that would be nice. I always bite my tongue because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

    I wish I could be more social offline, but I'm introverted and that's pretty hard.

    P.S. I like the kitty on your sidebar. CUTE!

  4. I struggle with being social also, but for me its a desire to be around others. Sometimes, for me, it's hard to physically be around other people.

  5. These are great. If you find the time machine, let me know. I'd totally play a few things differently also. :)

  6. Didn't want to go upside down? lol I never bite my tongue online, I may depending on the situation offline, but not usually lol can get me in trouble, but meh.

  7. This is an incredible question and I love your answers. I think I do a lot more traveling. That would be number one for me.

  8. I would've ridden that coaster a dozen times or more!

  9. I wouldn't ride that coaster either. And I'm pretty much a homebody.

  10. I am also afraid of roller-coaster rides, or anything fast or high. I'm a big chicken. Maybe you could find another social group in real time, like a gourmet group or book club?

  11. I see this question has made the rounds. I, too, am scared of roller coasters. Haven't been on one since I was forced to at 8, and I refuse to do it again.

  12. I had a similar rollercoaster experience at California Adventure park. I was twelve years old and just tall enough to ride all the rides. But when it came to the big one that you see in all the promos (the one with the loop-de-loop around a silhouette of Mickey Mouse's face. I think it's called California Screamin'), I chickened out. Now I want to go back and do it.

  13. That roller coaster looks wicked!
    I wish I could be more honest. Like, even if it were brutal. I'm so worries about stepping on toes that I get walked all over sometimes and it's annoying/pathetic. :/

  14. I'd definitely want to socialize more, though I'm working on that. I'd also want to stop being so passive and get a few kind of daunting tasks done. Finally, I would have a few honest talks with some of my family.

  15. That is a loaded question. Whoa... I have a few things, mostly inner demons to conquer. But I do like the roller coaster. :)

  16. Dang it. I meant to participate this month.

    Getting more social with the local writing community helped me. A friend recently put together her own group. It's growing. Maybe you could create your own?

  17. Enjoyed reading your post. I enjoy roller coasters, though admittedly more nervous as I'm getting older. And you hear those stories of rides-gone-wrong...

  18. I've always loved rollercoaster rides, though my stomach flips more brutally the older I get? If fear wasn't an issue, I'd finally take my driving test! :)

  19. I hear you about being social. I don't think that's a fear thing, but more a time thing. For me, I would totally kick this fear of injuring myself and get out physically. After physical trauma (birthing, chronic illness), it's hard to believe your body has the strength its supposed to...or could if you just used it. Here's to living life!

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