Friday, July 24, 2015

Cherished Blogfest

Today I'm joining the Cherished Blogfest hosted by Paul Ruddock, Peter Nena, Sharukh Bamboat, Tom Benson, Damyanti Gosh, and Dan Antion. The directive is to blog about a single cherished object in 500 words or less. But how do I choose just one? This house is chockfull of cherishables.

There's pretty things:

Kitty things:

A slot machine from my dad over a hundred years old (the machine, not my dad):

A crèche from Peru (or was it Chili?) from a cherished student:

There's books to read. How could I pick my most cherished of those? There's soft things like the contoured pillow that keeps my neck from cramping and the king-sized blue fleece blanket I sleep in every night (Linus has nothing on me!) There are useful things like the bike that I ride along the shores on Lake Ontario, and, wow, can't forget my kids, although they can stretch my limits of cherishability. And there are two of them, which means, like Lays chips, I can't possibly pick just one. 

So here's the thing, the most cherished thing. The object that lets me marvel at the blue in the peacock's tail, pet the softest part of the cat until it purrs, hope for the jackpot when I insert a nickel and pull the lever, celebrate Christmas and remember friends from the past and hope they're well, mourn the loss of Ruth May in The Poisonwood Bible, dream each night in crazy comfort, fly down a hill by the lake, and hug my children tight is . . . 

my mind. Frequently lost, sometimes less than sane, but I do cherish it.

Special thanks to Sedona, for taking all these pictures for me last moment. I also cherish her technical skills.


  1. Like Sammy at Bemuzin, you got around the object part but what can I say -- MIND/HEART is the thing that let's us cherish. Hat's off.

  2. Ha! I guess you couldn't cherish all of those other things without your mind :)

  3. Love your cat. Love cats in general. Love pictures of cats. Gifs of cats. Videos of cats. LOL

  4. I absolutely love the stained glass window. I would cherish that too. It was hard for me to choose as well... I just took what came first to mind.

  5. To me, selecting something that was precious was very difficult but I finally settled on my first published book. Everything else in the house except the computer is more precious to my wife. I could have selected it as another did on this blogfest. I could imagine how difficult it was to select one thing seeing what all you had to select from. Have a great weekend.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. Choosing was difficutl for me as well which means I'm very impressed by your answer. Love the cat and I must admit I also thought of blogging about mine.

  7. Great post. Really pulled on my heart. I love peacocks. Blue and white ones. I guess one is male and one is female. Spectacular creatures they are.

    Stephen Tremp

  8. may we never lose our minds, and if we do, may we not know it!
    a mind is a terrible thing to waste, wasnt that a commercial
    it's a perfect, thought provoking choice! and i love the way you revealed it, with some precious things from inside =)

  9. Hey, these are cute objects that adorn our life and serves as food for thought. Enjoyed the read, Tamara:)

  10. Fabulous post about your cherishables (and much more pleasant to read/write about than perishables, eh?) I love your conclusion about your mind. It is a most precious part of each of us. May we never lose it!

  11. You're absolutely right, Tamara; our minds are the true object, if object it may be called, to cherish. Loved the post! (And loved your other cherishables--especially the cat! ;) )
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

  12. Haha.. cute! I love this post! I don't necessarily cherish my own mind, though it doesn't produce brilliance occasionally, usually it's just trying to make me crazier.

  13. Loved your post! Happy Cherished Blogfest! Thank you for the reminder to recognize, give credit to, and cherish my mind. How important it is to my life, my actions, emotions, and my passions. I love your kitties, too -- I'm a huge cat person but am allergic to all furred animals so I cannot have one of my own anymore. I visit my friends who have cats, spend some time with them, then spend some time playing with their cats. (smile) Cinda
    P.S. Gina Hunter is my pen name for non-fiction and my Eyes on Life blog. I write Anatomy of Perceval blog as C. C. Yager.

  14. Thankyou for your take on the Cherished Blogfest-- yes-- without our minds, all objects would be meaningless.

  15. Nice. I love that you have so many things to cherish. For me it would be my kids and hubby, hands down, but if it had to be an actual item, I'd go with my family rings--wedding ring and the family ring my dad had made for us before he passed away.

  16. I love that slot machine so much!

    My oldest had a thing for peacocks when he was in preschool. He talked about them none stop. I thought it was so funny. They are pretty!

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