Monday, August 3, 2015

Question of the Month with Michael D'Agostino

Here 'tis:

“If your parent or child committed a major crime, would you turn them in?”

What about spouse? Then again, you don't have to testify against them in a court of law, so maybe that's why they're exempt from this exercise.

I think the answer for me would be yes, but depending on the circumstances, the difficulty of carrying through with this yes would vary quite a bit.

Now if the family member in question did something unquestionably evil, such as deliberate murder, terrorism, or hiding the remote, turning them in would not be my favorite part of the day, but it must be done, because what if they did it again? Not cool. Plus there's the question of becoming an accessory after the fact.

Now if they accidentally ran down someone (vehicular manslaughter) and then fled the scene in a panic, that would be more difficult. I'd urge them to turn themselves in, but if they didn't . . .

So fambly, be good or be gone! 

This is a blog hop, so please join the fun! You can find the linked list at A Life Examined. Thank you Michael for hosting this monthly event.

(Oh, and last month, I posted a regret about not riding a particularly intimidating rollercoaster that went upside down six times in a minute with my eight-year-old. Well, I got on the thing last week, and I must say, I HATED IT, HATED IT, HATED IT! Whew. Just had to get that off my chest.)


  1. "or hiding the remote" Haha! That made me laugh.

  2. It's a difficult question. One I don't think we'd be able to answer until we're actually faced with really having to turn parent or spouse in.

  3. It would be difficult to turn them in, but you make a good point about becoming an accessory.
    That's why I don't ride roller coasters...

  4. I so agree with your answer. I wouldn't want to be an accessory, but more than that I just couldn't live with it for years knowing that they did the crime. There's the victim's family that would have to live with it to.

  5. I don't think I could ever turn in my baby girl. As much as I would want to, I don't think I could actually do it.

  6. Being an accessory is definitely a good reason to turn a family member in. I'm not a roller coaster fan either. Haven't been on one in years.

  7. That's a tricky question! I hate roller coasters, too. :P

  8. Can get tricky the more variables that are involved.

  9. I hadn't even thought about spouses. Good thing we don't have to testify against them.

  10. I hadn't considered spouses, being unmarried myself :P Feel free to talk about it in future if the mood strikes you. Nonetheless, your answer was great :)

    Congratulations on riding the roller coaster! Even if you hated it, was it at least rewarding that you managed to conquer it? I'm writing a post for Wednesday about another blogger who conquered a major fear. I'll include you in that post too :)

  11. Sorry you hated the coaster. I would've loved it. The more loops the better.

  12. I like how this was a serious question and you still managed to infuse some humor haha
    Congrats on getting on that roller coaster even though you hated it :)

  13. great blog hop! and tough question. i had trouble reporting a minor car scrape and all the hassle that entails, nevermind a major crime and how disruptive it would be to life as we know it! hopefully it will never come to that for my kids, they're the ones we protect the most.

    and way to get back on that coaster and tame it! happy hump day!

  14. I didn't think this question had a cut and dried answer, either. Good for you for facing your fears of the roller-coaster. I'm also terrified of those things.
    Play off the Page

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