Friday, November 11, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things

It's time to once again celebrate the small victories and accomplishments for the week with our host, Lexa Cain, and her co-hosts, L.G. Keltner and Tonya Drecker!

Image: Tony Fischer

1. I voted. My candidate lost, but I did exercise my constitutional rights. I live in Rochester, NY and you may have heard that there was a long line to place your "I voted" sticker on the grave of Susan B. Anthony, which is kind of cool and kind of sad at the same time. Like many people, I'm still in shock, a little scared, and wondering if a dystopian future like those so popular in fiction these days might come to pass. Hopefully not.

On the brighter side, I think someone should install several cats throughout the White House this coming January, just in case you-know-who gets grabby. Cough, cough. I mean crabby. There's nothing like a purring kitten to calm you down. What did you think I meant?

Image: Clintus

2. My younger daughter hurt her ankle and foot at a trampoline park and has been limping since Sunday. Why celebrate? Because the x-ray we got on Tuesday shows it's not fractured. Since she hurt her back at the same place a few months earlier, I want to ban her from ever going back. Unfortunately, it seems to be the go-to venue for birthday parties this year. Ironically, her class read an article about the growing number of injuries resulting from visits to these places about a month ago.

3. I've been rereading my historical novel in what will hopefully be the final edit. Of course, the idea of getting back on the query train is about as appealing as eating a bowl full of mealworms. 

How are you handling the election results? Do you let your kids play on trampolines? 


  1. Maybe kids need some proper training before turned loose in one of those places? Glad your daughter's ankle wasn't broken.
    I was going to be disappointed Wednesday morning no matter who won. All we can do is pray now.

  2. Hillary gal here. It is what it is. I wish Trump the best. Our fates ride on it. I was looking at a picture of Trump, Melania, Paul Ryan and Pence. I just have that feeling that the real brains will be Melania.
    But best wishes on your book query and I hate those trampoline type parks. I know for the most part they are safe. One day I had to supervise a PE class and they were doing a gymnastic exercise. The girls would yell, on no I can't do it. I would yell you don't have to. But they did it perfectly. I bet my blood pressure was incredible when I walked out.

  3. The next 4 years should be interesting. I'm crossing my fingers that all the fear making people anxious is unfounded and we have good things happen.

    I read about the Susan B Anthony grave thing and all I could think was "someone is going to be mad they have to remove all those stickers."

  4. I'm totally with you on the election thing. I'm very glad I don't live the US anymore. What an adorable kitten! She's way too good for Donald. I love the respect paid to Susan B. Anthony with the "I Voted" stickers! I was a gymnast in HS and once had an accident tumbling - I jammed both knees and had to limp around with crutches for a few weeks. Now every winter, they make it painful to go up steps. Yeah, I'd say give your daughter something less dangerous to do. It sounds alarmist, but some injuries last forever. Thanks so much for leaving a review of Bloodwalker on Amazon! That made me smile and it's very helpful. Have a good weekend!

  5. Can't talk about the election. Still too painful.

    One thing I love about Common Core is how the kiddos now need to read informational articles (and do deep readings of such) with annotations and time taken with deeper level questions. And the teachers pick such interesting articles. I'm sure the article for your daughter's class about the trampoline park was deliberately chosen because of all the injuries.

  6. It was a sad, sad week, but I love your cat idea! I had a teen summer romance with a guy from Rochester, New York back in 1986. I can't hear that city name without reminiscing. I, on the other hand, live in Tennessee and sometimes I want to kick the other members of my state. I'm on the outskirts of Nashville--so we're a big blue dot in a bright red state.

  7. Here's wishing you tons of luck on the editing...and let us know when querying starts so we can cheer you on. The cats in the White House isn't a bad idea. A little purr is always a heart warmer.

  8. I like the idea of cats in the White House (BTW, I love your virtual pet cat). I'm still sort of hyperventilating about the election, and getting stress headaches. Ugh. Don't get me started.

    I never allowed my kids to play on trampolines. One of my cousins was completely and permanently paralyzed in an accident on one. That's not really a logical reason in some ways, but statistics back me up.

  9. Good luck with the edits! I hope your daughter feels better.


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