Friday, June 24, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things (Especially the Furry Ones)

It's time to celebrate the small things with Lexa Cain and her cohosts: L.G. Keltner and Tonya Drecker.

I woke up this morning to the war cry of the hungry: "ME-OW-ROW. ME-OW!"

Magical Mr. Mistoffelees

Mr. Mistoffelees stood by my pillow, tail straight up, whiskers twitching. When that didn't get me moving, he climbed onto my chest.

Mr. M was a stray when we moved into our house. All the neighbors knew him and feared him. He could be sweet one moment, then sinking his teeth and claws into flesh the next. After feeding him for seven years or so, he finally let me pet him. A year later, he was in my lap, and today. . .

Gulp. He was mere inches from my face, leaning in, and then . . . rubbing his nose all over mine in enthusiastic eskimo kisses. After that, he lay his furry cheek on mine. As my heart melted I thought the only thing that could make this moment any more purr-fect would be a snorkel (because I couldn't breathe), but then Mr. M lifted his sweet head.

My husband had arrived. "Infidelity," he said, and then he left singing the verse from Cecilia about coming back to bed only to find someone had taken his place.

"But," I sputtered, borrowing from Despicable Me, "he's so fluffy!"

So today, I celebrate the fact that it is 2016. If it were 1692 my husband would have me burnt at the stake instead of quoting Simon and Garfunkle.


Here's a novel look at the other furry in the house, Dove. My daughter thought it would be cool to record her drinking out of a glass from underneath:

And here is a great still shot:

Any suggestions for the perfect meme?

(All photos by the fabulous Sedona Narayan.)


  1. I adore the kitty cam. Clever girl, your daughter.

  2. That kitty cam is too cute. And Mr. M is beautiful!! I can never get enough kitties. :D
    So nice to meet you thanks to the Celebrate Hop!

  3. That is one fierce-looking cat. I can see why the neighbors would fear him. The kitty cam is too funny. Happy Friday!

  4. This was such a fun read! I have no suggestions at all. But have a great week-end, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

    1. Also, thanks for following my blog as well. I'm following yours now.

  5. He does look like a kitty who demands respect. Happy weekend.

  6. That's a really wild video through the bottom of the bowl of him drinking.

  7. Must be a cat thing. Cause my cat does the same. She like to walk all over my head, not only at the break of dawn, but at 3 AM, too. Then she'll curl up and put up butt in my face...ugh! But love her...

    Have a nice weekend.

  8. Kitties are always something to celebrate. =D

  9. I love the kitty view from the bottom of the glass. Kitties are great.


  10. Magical Mr. Mistoffelees makes me smile :)

    I wish you a terrific weekend!

  11. My cat allows affection on his terms only. It's a cat privilege. We've had our for 16 years, and he still hisses at me when he's had enough!

  12. Mr M is a very pretty kitty! And that is a sweet story!

    @Kathleen01930 Blog

  13. You're so funny! I love that time, patience, and love (not to mention food) won over Mr M's heart. He's huge! Your daughter had a great idea with dove - I've never seen a vid like that before. Yay for not being burned at the stake and have a great weekend!

  14. Awww, he looks so sweet. Funny story, too!

  15. How funny! And glad you weren't burned at the stake :)

  16. You've made me miss my cats. I've been holding off any replacements until I know I'm ready to take on more pets.

  17. Wow, that's surprising that he warmed up to you like that. Congratulations! You should still be careful, though. I used to have a cat that looked like the same type of cat as this one. She would be sweet when I pet her, but turn around all of a sudden and bite.


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