Monday, June 13, 2016

Crazy Little Thing Called Dove

***Before commencing with today's blog, I have an announcement. Drum roll please. . .

On Friday, I hit the publish button. Heart Stopper And Other Stories is back on Amazon! Four stories, 177 pages of scary goodness.

Crystal Collier's blog will feature me this week for Writerly Wednesday on June 15. Stop by to play her fabulous 2 truths and a lie game for a chance to win a free e-copy of Heart Stopper.

. . . And now, back to our irregularly scheduled program. ***

When I was in grad school, digital cameras were just becoming all the rage. My dissertation professor, a fan of new technology, got one right away, but then lamented not having the perfect subject to test his new toy. You see, he noticed that a huge majority of pictures posted on the web were of the fluffy and whiskered variety. Yep, I'm talking cats.

This tradition is alive and well, and with a new fur baby in our house, I thought it was high time to share some images of Dove. Here is a feline fairy tale in pictures.

Once upon a time, the lady of a messy house decided to continue to ignore said mess in order to make a cardboard castle for her kids:

Her construction turned out freaking huge, but that was good. Because several years later, Princess Dove would come to the castle gates:

After passing through, she prances over the bridge and finds a tasty knight to attack:

The knight gets away (as the lady of the house warns Princess Dove about chewing on plastic). Not to be deterred, Princess Dove dives into the tunnel! 

Hmmm. Princess Dove has a might big bottom for a kitten. Might be time to stop scarfing down all those Friskies. Anyway, stealth kitty makes her way to the other side, almost.

And after several moments of making the lady of the house go Awww with her absolutely adorable cuteness power, she finds the knight, and . . .

Whoa! That knight is toast. Who let Princess Dove get into the habanero sauce again?

The End. 

Big thanks to my daughter, Sedona, the photographer. You rock. The final picture contains an image of fire taken from here by Jeramey Jannene

Do you have funny pets? Love to take their picture? Ever built your own toys? 


  1. Congrats on the release!

    If the tortoises don't want their pics taken, they just hide in their shells. I kind of wish I had a shell for the same reason. :)

  2. Congratulations on your new release!!!

    Those pictures are really sweet. She looks like quite a princess! Sweet girl.

    @Kathleen01930 Blog

  3. Congratulations on Heart Stopper!
    Love the pictures and the story that goes with it! :)

  4. Congratulations!
    Dove looks at home in that castle. Wouldn't want to be caught in her fiery breath though.

  5. My cats would love this, but it would definitely have to be bigger to fit them all. They are also taller and bigger than normal cats, so they'd get stuck for sure if the entryways weren't wider. :P

    Congratulations on Heart Stopper!

  6. Hi Tamara, thanks for commenting on my guest post on Misha's blog today. I love that castle! My cat would love that, then tear it down and claim ownership of the ruins - he's a little bit destructive when he wants to be!

    Congrats on your book :-)

  7. My Midnight, slightly darker than your resident royalty, is highly envious of Princess Dove's castle and wants to know when he will be able to lord over something like that! He is a vagabond prince after all he says. :-) Thanks for visiting and staying to chat awhile!

  8. At the moment, I only have a leafy baby, my 16-year-old spider plant Kalanit. The names site I found the name on said it means "plant" in Hebrew, but I came to discover that site doesn't have the greatest accuracy. Kalanit actually means "anemone."

    Dove is one lucky kitty to have such a fun castle to explore. I love cats, and just about every animal except squirrels, flies, fleas, and mosquitos. If I ever have enough space, time, and money, I'd get at least one of every type of pet and farm animal!

  9. That is absolutely adorable! It's a castle everyone in the family can enjoy. And a huge congrats on the release.

  10. What a darling cat! I love the castle. My ex-husband made a toy for our cat, Milhous--the only time he did such a thing. X took an orphan sock, put a jingle bell inside it, and tied it shut. Milhous adored that thing. We called it his "dingle sock." He carried it around all the time. Even put it in his bowl and ate his food around it. Milhous has been gone for many years, but I think of that sweet cat often. I'm glad for you with your book, but I must say now that I'm sorry, but I can't buy it. I need a new roof and must save every penny for it so my homeowners insurance isn't canceled. I'm glad Crystal will feature you. She's a lovely person.


    1. We do the same things with socks, but we put catnip inside.

  11. Lovely!! Nice to see the old toys still have entertainment value :)

  12. Congrats on your new release! And love your daughter's pictures.

  13. Congrats on releasing your story collection! I love those pictures and the story they tell. That castle is awesome.

  14. We have thousands of funny-cat photos. And thousands of cute ones. Yours are delightful. Our two cats have a tower where they sit and look out over the lake at their kingdom. Lately, they've been fighting over who gets the best spot. Kids! Congratulations on your story collection, Tamara. That is awesome news.

  15. Congrats on the release! Yay!
    My kitties would LOVE that castle.

  16. Dove is adorable! And I love the castle. I want to build one now for my cat.

  17. Congratulations on the new release! So exciting! And loved these photos!

  18. Congratulations on your release!

    That's a great castle! Love the furry princess in residence :-)

  19. Congratulations on the release! Sounds scary-good!

    Her Highness is adorable. But she'd best stay away from that habanero sauce! (well done...)

  20. No pets. I have built my own toys, but not lately. Digital cameras are great. It used to be so expensive taking pictures and having them developed and all. Now it's like pennies to shoot hundreds of photos and save them digitally. I have so many crap pictures that I paid a fortune to develop back in the days of film.

    Best wishes with the book release!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  21. Awesome news on hitting publish! So exciting. Thanks for these photos!

  22. Congratulations, Tamara. That's awesome!!!


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