Monday, June 7, 2010

Life Imitates Art-Writer Panics

Hello fellow writers,

Have you ever had something in your wip happen after you've written it? Well I did the other week and it wasn't pleasant.

My novel opens with the disappearance of a three, almost four-year-old girl. (Don't worry, she's fine and back home by the end of the tale.) I have a three, almost four-year-old girl.

One morning my older daughter comes up to my bed and instead of demanding milk, she tells me her little sister isn't in her bed.

view of a road sign saying panic button

I freak. It doesn't matter that I've been conscious for less than two seconds. My mind goes for the worst. There's been a lot of yard workers in the area with the annual spring spruce-up. One of them snuck through my daughter's bedroom window--was it locked?!--and took her just like Elizabeth Smart. Elementary my dear Watson.

So I dash to my bathroom, grab my glasses and yell at my husband to get up. Little Bear isn't in her bed. Emergency, EMERGENCY!

The three of us practically fall over each other going down the stairs and there is the little pumpkin, laying on her designated couch-potato spot, snuggling with her blankie and doll. Ready for her daily cartoon fix.

My husband relishes this tale. He claims next time, she'll make us eggs.


  1. Woah, I would freak too if this isn't a usual occurance! My biggest fear is losing one of my babies.

  2. I would have freaked too!!! That isn't something to be be mellow about but I'm glad that you found your little one snuggled on the couch ready for the morning to start in fun cartoon mode!

    Oh to be a child again, how nice!

    I found your blog over at Creepy Query Girl :) Love it and look forward to following you!

  3. This hasn't happend to me, but I've noticed my over-imagination thinking the worst of small things.

    I would have freaked out here, though. That happened to me one time a Walmart and I will never forget that feeling in your chest. Glad your daughter was safe and sound!


  4. Hi guys and welcome!

    Yes, this was the very first time Little Bear went downstairs by herself. I love her independent nature, but this scared me. My husband and I did our best to assure her she had done nothing wrong and could do it again, but she hasn't.


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