Friday, September 30, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things and Friday Flashback - Sept. 30

Hi, Everybody! Welcome to that part of the week when we take a moment to celebrate the small achievements or the mountains we've moved over the past seven days. A big thank you to our host, Lexa Cain, and our co-hosts: L.G. Keltner and Tonya Drecker. 

1. I'm celebrating the fact I can participate in a blog hop since our internet went bye-bye earlier this week with sporadic reappearances. We switched companies yesterday and hopefully I'll be surfing easy from here on out.

2. I've edged my running route up to six miles. My legs aren't as enthusiastic as my brain. They say ouch-what-the-heck-wasn't-five-miles-bad-enough?

image: Melynda

3. Our family had a glorious walk around Durand Lake last Sunday. By the shore, my husband lamented the lack of turtles, so I pointed a small one out to him. He then upped the ante and asked for a deer. I said I'd see what I could do.

Later in the apple orchard, we happened upon 2 ladies with 5 dogs between them. One was a super-sweet cross between a chow and an English Corgi. We all fell in love and wanted to abduct take this angelic fluffykins home on the spot. It had stumpy legs, but an enormous head that looked more golden retriever than chow.

After we dragged ourselves away, my daughter spotted a young deer. We joked about finding its parents, but wouldn't ya know, a short distance away, we found momma. Of course we had to start singing, "Doe, a deer, a female deer." She twitched her ears, which roughly translates into: "Oh please! Like I've never heard that one before!"

Then we joked about finding daddy deerest and yep, not far from his woman, he was munching away, sporting a fine set of antlers, (but nowhere near as huge as those in the picture above!)

It's also Flashback Friday! The host, Michael G. D'Agostino, is looking for someone to take over this monthly blog hop. Go visit him at A Life Examined, if you're interested. 

Here's a quicky: my Y post from the 2012 A to Z Blog Challenge. Enjoy.

Y is for . . .

Image courtesy: Aramand Agasi 

Yin and yang. Dark and light. Female and male. Earth and air. Doofensmirtz and Perry the platypus. According to Wikipedia, the idea is complementary opposites, one giving rise to the other, instead of opposing forces i.e. good vs. evil. (Doofensmirtz is not entirely evil; he loves his daughter.)

Finding images for yin and yang isn't hard. In fact, has the feline variety up the yin-yang! 

Image courtesy: kprager

My daughter loved this kitten image so much, I had to recreate it in frosting for her birthday cake that year. 

How was your week? Got a cool flashback post to share?


  1. You had lots of adventures this week. Sometimes we see deer in our yard too. Last time we think the little ones were twins, so cute. Hope you have a great week.

  2. I've started running a bit myself, but I am nowhere near your distance. I envy your stamina! Keep going! :)

  3. Yay for having the internet up and running consistently! And wow, it sounds like you've been doing a lot of running yourself. I used to do some running in my younger days, but not so much now. I'm more of a walker at this point. Love all the wildlife sightings. Doofensmirtz and Perry the Platypus made me laugh. My kids love that show. Have a great weekend!

  4. Six miles running! Count me impressed. But then I don't think I could run for 6 yards.

    Opposites attract is probably more aptly stated as opposites go together.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  5. I wish I could still run that many miles. Time consuming though.

    I love the kitty picture. I have one that's almost the same of my former cats, Calvin & Hobbes.

  6. I can barely walk 2 miles. You're doing great!!!

  7. I'm still stuck on the six-mile run portion of this post. That's amazing! Are you training for a race?

  8. You are so funny! I love coming here and finding out what you've been up to every week. Yay for the wilderness walk and I-Spy session! Congrats on going from 5 miles to 6. You're one tough lady. The most I do is jog to a taxi. Have a great weekend!

  9. I'm speechless with admiration at the fact that you can make frosted kittens! Have to be careful with deer! Here in you UK one jumped over a hedge on to a narrow lane and collided with my sister's car. True. :)

  10. Glad you got your internet back up. That can be SO annoying! What are we supposed to do without Wi-Fi?!

    I remember that Y post!!! A great one!

  11. Yay to having the internet back up! The deer are lovely and the picture is even better. :)

  12. Oh my gosh, that is an incredible rack on that buck!!! I have seen some amazing ones this year. Love your Yin-Yang kitties.

  13. Love the buck and his doe image. And how sweet those cats are. Makes me want to abduct some of my own. :-)

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