Friday, September 2, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things

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We have a new kitten in the house. She's not so small as in this picture anymore.

When we first brought her home, she slept in our closet on the highest shelf. These days, she prowls the house, looking for the perfect bed. For the past week, she's been going into my youngest daughter's room to cry for attention. Then she curls up with my girl in her bed, which is adorable, but disruptive of my kid's sleep.

What to do?

My husband suggested that I build a wall, a beautiful wall. And most importantly...have Mexico pay for it. (I think they would much rather finance this wall than Trump's!)

Yesterday, we took a drive over to Watkins Glen and walked the gorge-ous Gorge Trail. Here are some pictures we took that show why it's one of my favorite places to hike:

Do you have favorite places to hike?


  1. What a beautiful place! Looks peaceful.
    Cute cat. Make the Mexican cats pay for that wall.

  2. Adorable kitten! I had to get used to my cat sleeping up beside my pillow; if she slept on the blankets, I'd kick her in my sleep. We worked it out. That gorge trail is beautiful! I can sure see why you love it. Have a great weekend!

  3. What a cute kitty! Beautiful waterfall photos! I'd love to hike there. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. What a cute witta kitty! What is it bout a kitty dat makes me talk baby talk? Okay. I'm over it now. Long ago, we had a cat named Milhous who spent the night on my daughter's pillow, curled around her head. Sometimes she awoke during the night because Milhous chewed on her long hair. He didn't make a fuss, though. He also didn't seem to sleep. I'd go to her room to check on her and there was bright-eyed Milhous. He watched over her. I believe he was her guardian angel. May your daughter and this kitty develop a similar relationship.


  5. You made me laugh out loud about the wall. What a gorgeous kitty! Nothing beats a new baby. :)
    Beautiful pictures!

  6. What a pretty kitty! I used to have cats, but now I'm allergic.
    The place in your pictures is gorgeous! You're lucky to live near such a place.

  7. Plenty of beautiful sights to look at in this post! As for the cat, I'm not sure. My dog sleeps curled up at my feet. In the morning she wants to crawl up next to me and be petted before we get up. I wouldn't have it any other way! How does your daughter feel about kitty sleeping next to her? Would closing your daughter's door be an option or would the kitten just sit outside the door and meow all night?

    1. She wants to keep her door open because her vent does not put out enough air to keep her room cool (summer) or warm (winter). So far, the baby gate is keeping the cat outside her room. I wouldn't mind if Dove slept in my bed, but she doesn't seem interested. All my other cats have slept next to my pillow in the past.

  8. Pretty cat, looks a little like my kitten Simon. I used to use a pair of baby gates to keep cats out of my kitchen. Back when I didn't want cats in the kitchen for some reason.

    You have a beautiful hiking trail. There is a park not far from me where they have a cross country skiing trail that I used to hike on during the non-snowy seasons. I even took a goat on a leash for a walk there. But lately I mostly hike in my own woods. Don't have to drive there.

    Nissa from

  9. What a great place to walk and explore. And your cute kitten is adorable . . . but they do tend to sleep just where you don't want them too. Right now my cat is laying on the seat right by my ear!

  10. That's a lovely little kitty! Ad I love Watkins Glen--lost more than a few braincells while partying there in my misspent youth. Happy to see it is still beautiful.

  11. What a cute kitty! And I had to laugh at the 'financing the wall'. The gorge is gorgeous (pun kind of intended). The waterfalls look amazing.

  12. Cute kitten. My husband is very allergic to cats, so we'll never be able to have one. Great photos! Please post one when kitty learns to scale "the wall." I have a feeling it won't be long before she is perched on the top.

  13. I know what you mean about cats. My cat, Bones, likes to crawl over my head. And when my daughter's home, she's very disruptive, wanting attention.

    Tamara, your pic's of Watkin's Glen are beautiful. My daughter spent her honeymoon there. We live around Buffalo, NY. You must be somewhat close.

  14. Such a cute kitty! When my cats were young, I tried building walls. Did not work. haha

    I would love to hike there. Gorgeous!

  15. Sweet kitten, Tamara. And yes. Mexico should pay for all walls being built from here on out.

    Beautiful spot for hiking. I almost heard all of that water rushing past.

  16. Hello Tamara, I loved all your photos and laughed when I read the comment about Donald Trump!

    Thank you so much for coming to visit my family blog, I don’t get many visitors there so it was an especially nice surprise to receive your comment. Thank you. I also have a book blog at if you ever feel like a visit you would be most welcome.

    I’m going to read some more of your posts now, Barbara.


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