Friday, September 16, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things

It's Friday! Freaky, Fun, Fabulous Fri-i-i-day! Are you excited about the weekend? Let's get this party started with our host, Lexa Cain, and co-hosts: L.G. Keltner and Tonya Drecker. 

1. I started writing a new short story this week. The first day the words were flying, about 3,500 of them. The second? Eh, about 1,500. Laborious, cringeworthy, pigslop. This seems to be the pattern whenever I start a new project. The first day is glorious, and the second makes me wonder how I can call myself a writer. Usually the third day is a little better, so I hope the pattern holds.

2. Apples! It's apple season. We already picked Ginger Gold (super sweet) at our local orchard and it is almost time to pick my favorite apple of all: Honey Crisp. If we don't miss the tiny window, I'll stock up on these babies. They last forever in the refrigerator.

3. Julie Flanders is celebrating the release of her new children's book this month about a not-so-little guy named Baby Moo.

Baby Moo has a dream. He wants to travel the world and sing on the stage of the Sydney Opera House! While he loves his home at Sunrise Sanctuary, it hasn’t been the same since a piglet named Nathan showed up and stole all the attention away from Moo. Jealous of the new baby, Moo decides now is the time to make his escape and pursue his dream.

But the world outside the sanctuary gates is not quite the fun and exciting place Moo imagined, and he quickly finds himself in big trouble. Moo's friends Missy the dog and Ruthie the cat rush to help him, and land in some trouble of their own.

Lost and frightened, Moo and his friends must rely on each other to find their way back home. Will they ever see Sunrise again?


***Julie Flanders will donate $1 to Sunrise Sanctuary, home to Baby Moo and numerous other rescued animals, for each copy sold in September.***

Are you writing this fall? Have a favorite apple? What do you think of a cow singing on the stage of the Sydney Opera House?


  1. I love apple picking season! We're going next week. I don't think I have a favorite kind of apple. They're all so good. Good luck to you with your short story! I'm sure it will turn out wonderfully. Congrats to Julie!

  2. Congratulations on starting a new short story!

    I'd love to go apple picking. :)

  3. That sounds like a really cute book!

    I'm almost finished the second draft of a book, and I'll be so glad when it's done. I hope your short story starts going smoother--it's always tough when you feel stuck.

    The apple picking sounds like a lot of fun! I'd love to do that.

  4. This is big apple picking country around here. All the local orchards have been opening for pickers. I love the smell. Hope Baby Moo's wishes all come true.

  5. Yay! Thanks so much for sharing Baby Moo. He and I both appreciate it! :) And congrats on your new story. I bet the third day will be as successful as the first.

  6. Maybe there's solace in knowing you aren't the only one. I've always found the beginnings of a new book are always the easiest...then there's the "murky middle," as they call it. The last chapter usually flows pretty well!

  7. Congrats to Julie and Baby Moo! I don't know what Ginger Gold or Honey Crisp are, but I bet they're like my favorite - Golden Delicious!

    "Laborious, cringeworthy, pigslop." This cracked me up! I'm right there with you. I go through that with every novel. At first it's new and exciting and I'm high on optimism! But by the time I get to the middle it's "Laborious, cringeworthy, pigslop." Sometimes I have to take a break before I manage to push through. Since yours is a short story, I hope you get through the hard middle quickly!

  8. We'll have to try those apples. I think they're the only 2 we haven't tasted yet. Yay for Baby Moo making a name for himself.

  9. As I read your post, my husband is in the kitchen baking an apple and sultana cake. I love this time of year!

  10. I just baked an apple cake this morning. It always makes the house smell so nice. Good luck on the short!

  11. Congrats on starting a new story! I hear you on the pigslop! I feel that way at times, too.
    Do you have any recipes you make with the apples? I love apple pie, but I've never tried to make it.


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