Monday, April 11, 2016

I is for . . .

Image source: zeevveez

Internet. But not just any internet, virtual reality internet. The future is closer than you think. The Verge reported in February that Facebook is spending big bucks to launch the Telephon Infra Project (TIP) in order to invite companies to join with them to focus on delivering high-res video and virtual reality, including the development of 5G networks. (Source)

Why is this important? Well, Forbes also released an article in February discussing the amount of bandwidth (5.2 Gbps) needed for humans to experience virtual reality comparable to what we experience in the "real world" in terms of sight, sound, and eventually, touch, smell, and temperature. (Source) We don't want to just look at the pretty kitty above, we want to hear it purr, rub our faces into its soft, warm fur, and then scream when it scratches us with its virtual claws.

What does 5.2 Gbps mean? Broadband speeds are measured in megabits per second. A bit is one piece of data and a megabit is a million pieces or bits of data. The higher your broad band speed, the faster you can download stuff or stream videos or whatever it is you want to do.  (Source: Superfast Dorset.)

Want to know how fast your connection is right now? Go to by Ookla. My download speed was a measly 3.15 Mbps and upload speed was 0.5 Mbps. 

What is the difference between 3.15 Mbps and 5.2 Gbps? Take a look at the numbers: A megabit is 1 million bits or 1,000,000 and a gigabit is 1,000 million bits or 1,000,000,000 bits. So we are comparing 3,150,000 to 5,200,000,000. Big difference. No virtual reality for me!

But I can still watch this Youtube video from JanusVR on another virtual reality product (which you can download). It's a 3D browser which isn't exactly virtual reality, but it's still pretty cool. I love how they use portals for links.

And now for the promotional part of today's blog: My short story, Scrying the Plane, features a virtual reality version of the internet where users can ride the Minecraft roller coasters they've created, see flocks of Twitterbirds darken the sky, and choose whatever "skin" suits their mood. It's fun, but forbidden to anyone under 21. So, of course teenagers find ways to sneak in, and my story features the adventures of one such rebellious teen, named Lily Reynolds and what happens to her on the VRP (virtual reality plane). Scrying the Plane will be released on May 3 as part of the ISWG anthology Parallels, Felix Was Here, and you can find out more on the book's blog, Parallels.

What app or program would you like to experience in virtual reality?


  1. Virtual reality would be so freeing. Although I don't need a virtual kitty to scratch me. I have a real one.

  2. I actually prefer to be somewhat removed from my Internet experience - I don't even like video calls, except from my husband when he's away on business. I'm not sure I'm a fan of VR yet, even though I write about it too :). Hope the anthology release goes well.
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

  3. My brain cannot keep up with all the changes in technology. I'm not sure I could handle VR!

    Meet My Imaginary Friends

  4. Wonder how long it would take to learn how to use that one! Sounds fascinating, but I don't want the actual cat scratch!!!

    Mary Montague Sikes
    Notes Along the Way
    The Artful Way

  5. I actually pitched a story to an online publication about virtual reality and how it could change the shopping experience. It hasn't been accepted yet...but I'm imagining a future where online shoppers can shop a "store" as though they're standing in the aisles. As someone who does all of her grocery shopping online, I think this could be great. I could go to the grocery store without leaving my couch! (Although I still have to go pick it up at the little drive-thru thingy!

    1. Virtual shopping would be brilliant, especially if you could try on clothes. That's the one reason I don't like online clothes shopping--I have to send things back too much of the time.

  6. That is all too much for me. I'm so behind the times now I'll never catch up, and I've no real desire too.
    I loved your story, the ending was perfection!
    Happy Monday!

  7. You can't blink any more without huge leaps in this tech and connected world of ours. I just get one part down and something new comes along and changes all that I know. Now I understand, "Stop the World. I Want to Get Off!"

  8. You can't blink any more without huge leaps in this tech and connected world of ours. I just get one part down and something new comes along and changes all that I know. Now I understand, "Stop the World. I Want to Get Off!"

  9. Interesting! I can think that full-on virtual reality would take up some serious bandwidth. Makes me wonder if I'll be alive to see it, since I live in South Africa, which is currently way behind when it comes to Internet connectivity.

  10. I have plenty of reality, but I can't wait to read your story!



  11. Virtual reality is all what my brother talks about..very interesting indeed

  12. Sigh. Modern technology is too complicated for me. I have no idea what you're talking about. I just want the simple life.
    Congratulations on having your story in the anthology. Looking forward to reading it.
    Have a great week.

  13. I would like to experience the Star Trek Voyager because I am a Janeway fan.
    Also the United States is so much farther in Technology than we are here in Germany. It's amazing.

    Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge.

    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

  14. I find modern technology progressing at the speed of light and it's hard to keep up. Great post!

  15. I tried to join in on the Minecraft experience. My grandkids are obsessed with it. It makes no sense to me. I feel so left out. Perhaps I need to give it another go.

  16. Another interesting fact is that if you use a router, it can slow down your speed. I get high-speed internet (my speed test said I'm at 16.52Mbps download and 6.2 Mpbs upload) which is actually slowed a bit when it goes through my router to make my Wi-Fi work. For that reason my son plugs directly into the modem when he's gaming.

  17. I think I would skip the virtual claws...

  18. Living out in the countryside in a small village means the internet will never be that fast, but it does what I need it to do which is good. After all it is not that long ago since the days of no internet or the days of dial up.

    Many thanks for calling by and visiting my blog it is always good to see a new visitor. Good luck with your own A to Z and also helping Stormy, I mean he is not his old self at present what with his leg issues. The same thing happened to me once a long time ago and it was not nice.

    Onward and upward to Z we go.

  19. Virtual Reality has always been a bit of a creepy idea to me. I try to think of it in terms of the holodeck in Star Trek but still...I'll take REAL reality if you please. I know, I know, I'm terribly old fashioned :D

    Jen Chandler was Here

  20. Sounds like a fascinating premise for a story!

    Yvonne V

  21. I love the sound of your short story~
    Great post! Gosh, I can only imagine and for now that is good enough. I have high speed internet, but compared to what is needed and the would be no, for me.

  22. I live in the middle of nowhere, with very slow, almost dial-up speeds sometimes, so no virtual internet for me! Unless I use my phone as a hotspot and get charged an arm and a leg for data...I do like the sound of your story :)

  23. Congrats on getting into the anthology!

    I can already pet the kitty. I have three of the real thing. :)

    Wait...that sounds like a really bad euphemism, doesn't it?

  24. What an interesting piece! The internet is crazy I would say and the way it has been changing for the past few years is beyond my comprehension.

    Can't wait to read Scrying the Plane!

    @bhawnasaini_yml from Yellow Mellow Life

  25. Wow. The future seems to be accelerating towards me - or perhaps I am just getting old!

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