Monday, April 18, 2016

O is for . . .

Image source: dazbaz

Ocular escapades.

Would you like to see better in the dark? Maybe join your cats on some nightly excursions? From InfoWorld's article Weird Science: 10 Strange Tech Stories from 2015, they describe an experiment where a test subject achieved night vision after his eyeballs were injected with a solution of Chlorin e6, saline, insulin and dimethlysulfoxide (DMSO).

Chlorin e6 has been used for cancer treatment and treating night blindness. In this experiment, the night vision only lasted a few hours and the test subject did not have any adverse side effects, but it sure made him look creepy! You can read more about the experiment at Science for the Masses.

Image Source: Science for the Masses via InfoWorld. Test subject Gabriel Licina experiences temporary night vision.

Would you be willing to be a test subject in such an experiment? Have you heard of biohackers (people who conduct experiments on their own usually outside commercial or university associated labs)?


  1. That is creepy. No thanks. I'll just use night vision goggles.

  2. Since I'm pretty much always asleep when it is dark, I wouldn't get much use out of night vision. But you never know.

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  3. Whoa! Just thinking about someone sticking me in the eyes makes my flesh creep. And that guy does not look good, even if his night vision improves I'm not sure it's worth that.

  4. Ahhh that is creepy!, no experiments for me. I can't even bring myself to get Lasik until it's "been around a while." Yeah, I know it's been around a long, LONG time now, but I'm still scared!

    1. Me neither. I'm very happy with contacts.

  5. He sure does look creepy! Not sure I'd want that in my eyes....though the night vision would be great!

  6. If I had night vision, I'd probably read in the dark.

  7. This is the first time I have heard of this. I think I would really have to have some kind of eye disease to get used to having a shot in my eyeballs. Just to think of it makes me shudder.

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  8. Ooooo that was a new one to me. . . . I would be happy if I could see better in daylight, my eyes are not what they used to be and without my glasses I cant find my glasses. That happens a lot.

    And thanks for hanging in there and still visiting . . .thats cool.

  9. Very cool story; thanks for pointing it out! I'm a big fan of the biopunk movement...or the idea of it anyway (it's definitely a bit scary to think about what might come about as it becomes easier and easier to manipulate genes in the kitchen...)

  10. As a child I used to chant, "Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye," but I never meant it. The thought of an injection in the eyes…EEEEeeeeekkk!

  11. Night vision sounds cool but I don't want needles anywhere near my eyeballs! I'll pass. :P

  12. That is creepy looking, but also is anyone else thinking X-men? You know mutants like gambit who had eyes like that? I'd do it just for that. XD

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  13. I'll take a pass on that experimental treatment. I don't even like the drops I have to have in my eyes when I go to the eye doctor.

  14. Holy crap! I...would probably do that!

  15. I don't want any chlorine in my eyes... I love walking in the dark--you have to become more attune to your surroundings or you'll become loss.

  16. Injection in the eyeballs? No thanks! As long as the moon is out, my eyes can adjust to the dark if I must go outside at night.

  17. I'm impressed that this man had the courage to test this. I wouldn't. I'd imagine all kinds of things. If you think about it I can do just that, without injecting anything into my eyeballs.

  18. That does indeed look very creepy. Personally I am very attached to my vision and, no, I would not volunteer to be part of such an experiment. Who knows what the long term effects might be.
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  19. I'm sure they will make night vision much easier to use before we all have to shoot our eyeballs w/ that stuff. I hope.


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