Tuesday, April 19, 2016

P is for . . .

Image source: Bjorn


Search for this word on Google and you won't get a definition. Search for images under paberist voltimine, and you'll find some beautiful art made of paper. Think origami on steroids. So where does this word even come from? From the upcoming anthology, Parallels: Felix Was Here!

In Cherie Reich's short story, Folds in Life or Death, a paperist can create intricate animals out of paper and animate them. Paper frogs hop, birds fly, and lanterns float away, ferrying the spirits to the next world. (These paperists possess certain psychic abilities and these abilities are genetic.)

In traditional origami, one sheet of paper is folded into the desired shape. These days, there are modular origami creations made of several sheets folded into units that are put together without glue or tape to form a 3-D sculpture. Here is one made by Sophie Ekard:

Wow, that is unbelievable. What does origami have to do with science? According to Wikipedia, the folding techniques have been used in developing ways to deploy airbags in cars and stents (metal or plastic tube that keeps duct or vessel open) in humans. An origami plane may be launched from space someday.

This is one origami project I used to know how to make:

Image source: Cootie catcher coin-coin heaven or hell fortune teller made, photographed and enhanced picture by me, myself and I 2006/10/20 Paul Blais

Did you make and play with these things in school? My kids did. Ever try your hand at origami?


  1. I played with those contraptions that girls in the class made (I don't ever remember making anything except paper aircraft).

  2. I remember those!

    That Ekard sculpture is gorgeous. It's amazing what some people can do.

  3. Yeah, maybe a paper airplane or hat, but that's about all I remember doing. The premise of Folds of Life or Death sounds so interesting and imaginative. Equally fascinating is the information about airbags and stents.

  4. Origami is so cool! I don't know if I'd ever have the coordination to learn it, though.

  5. These creations are precious! I loved the peacock!

  6. That peacock is amazing. I have a friend who calls herself a "craftavist"--using crafts to call attention to things she believes in!

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  7. I have been making things out of paper and card for many many years when I have the time.

  8. I have been making things out of paper and card for many many years when I have the time.

  9. I remember being in 6th grade and making those fortune tellers! We girls loved them, but our teacher was less enthused about them. Perhaps they distracted us from our studies?!

    [I found you via #AtoZChallenge which I'm finding to be fun. Hi!]

  10. I knew how to make basic ones, but that peacock is incredible!

  11. You include some intricate and beautiful creations there. I only know how to make that fortune-teller one and I can also make a hat which can double up as a ship! I suffer from having ten thumbs and no fingers!
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  12. Excellent post. Those paper designs are so intricate...just like Cherie's story:)

    Have a great one, Tamara.

  13. I have Parallels on my order list. So, I will buy the book. Looking forward to it.
    Origami is something I love but I am not good at it. However, if someone shows me exactly what to do, then I catch on quickly.
    Hope you are still enjoying the challenge.

    Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge.

    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

  14. Aww, thank you for using Paperist as your P word for today! I need to learn how to create those complex paper frogs. I know how to make the simple ones. We used to make the little fortune tellers a lot when I was in school.

  15. Oh wow--who knew there was actually a scientific use for the art?!

  16. This is super interesting! And yes! I used to play with the last one, now I usually make it for my daughter!

  17. I remember doing that paper game in school.

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  18. Haven't tried it myself, but I do have 6 stents, so yay for origami. Did the one in school but couldn't do it now. :)
    Amazing stuff! Great story by Cherie!
    Love the peacock!

  19. Wow! That peacock is amazing! I was really into origami as a kid. I had an origami book and made nearly everything in it. I have also played that fortune teller game.

  20. We used to make those at school all the time - they used to tell us everything from who to kiss to who our favourite band should be :) I am very bad at origami every time I have tried it - I think I am too hasty.
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  21. My son brought one of those paper/multiple choice things home the other day! I was amazed they still played with them.

    Very cool post.


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