Friday, April 29, 2016

Y is for . . .

Image Source: Wikipedia Commons

Yonaguni Monument. Say what? It's a submerged rock formation off the Ryukyu islands in Japan.

This sandstone and mudstone structure is around 490 feet long, 130 feet wide, and 90 feet tall. It starts about 16 feet below the surface so it can be easily visited by divers, but the currents in the area are strong. The regular shapes, including flat edges and 90 degree angles, make it look manmade, but there are no records of anything like this being built in the area. Scientist Maasaki Kimura theorizes the thousand-plus-year-old structure could be the lost continent of Mu.

Want a closer look at the monument or to see the cute ponies that inhabit the island? Check out this five-minute YouTube video.

Ever heard of the Yonaguni Monument? Ever been snorkeling or scuba diving?

I'm doing another Japanese Y word over at the Parallels blog today: Yūrei, or Japanese ghosts.


  1. I've not heard of the monument, but do snorkel and, when younger, scuba dived.

  2. This is so cool! It very well could just be nature doing it's mysterious thing.

  3. Oh, cool! I love mysteries like this... make you think of stories like Atlantis, eh?

  4. The video is neat and so is the mystery of the monument. Interesting that scientists cannot agree on the origin.
    Nooo, never been scuba diving.

  5. I have never heard of this or the lost continent of Mu. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I love mysteries.

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  6. I am a sucker for any and all geology-related stuff. Rocks. I spend most of my time looking for interesting pieces to add to my collection.
    an amazing video!
    CD Coffelt at UnicornBell

  7. The world is indeed a place of wonder and unknown things, and that is probably a good thing. I know that I am a chap full of the unknown and often wonder what I should be doing.

    Well just Z left to go now and then all will return to normal in cyberspace, which will mean in my own case writing quirky stories and odd poems as many days as life and the universe allows.

  8. The first time I saw this unusual "structure" I immediately thought it was a quarry of some kind, which seems possible as the land it sits one was once above water. I've snorkeled a lot!

  9. The first time I saw this unusual "structure" I immediately thought it was a quarry of some kind, which seems possible as the land it sits one was once above water. I've snorkeled a lot!

  10. Fascinating. This is the very first time that I have heard of Yonaguni Monument but I am not surprised. I wonder what is its real origin. I've never been scuba diving. I learned how to swim a few years ago.

    Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge.

    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

  11. If it's not man made, then it's really unique.

  12. I've never heard of this either, but how interesting the edges. Man made? Why not?

  13. I went to a presentation on this and was blown away by the underwater exploration. Absolutely fascinating.

  14. In answer to your question, no and no! But I really would like to one day.

    My A-Z story features 5 neglected Y words

  15. It looks amazing and sounds extremely cool

  16. I'd never heard of Mu. How interesting. I've also never been scuba diving. I went snorkeling once, though.

  17. I'd never heard of Mu. How interesting. I've also never been scuba diving. I went snorkeling once, though.

  18. It does look like the calcified remains of an ancient civilization.

    Finding Eliza

  19. You have chosen a fascinating subject for your A-Z!
    Nice to meet a name sister here :-)

  20. Fascinating. What do you think? Man made or natural?

  21. That's so cool that it's not man made because it definitely looks that way.

  22. I hadn't heard of it before. I can't scuba dive, so I'll settle with images of it.

    ~Ninja Minion Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
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  23. It certainly looks man-made, but water is pretty powerful. I have never been scuba diving, though I want to try it someday.

  24. I have not heard of this monument - nor have I been scuba diving. It always looks like such fun, but it would probably scare me silly :)
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