Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for . . .

Coconut & Cat
Image courtesy: Like_The_Grand_Canyon

Cat contemplates coconut: Got milk? Check. Now need hammer.

Here's some other interesting C words: cacography, which is bad handwriting or spelling. Yes, I'm giulty. Also, cacoepy, which means poor or wrong pronunciation. For instance, caesura is a beautiful word, a strong pause in poetry, but I couldn’t pronounce it correctly if you through gold doubloons at my numbskull. But please, when you write, do avoid cacology--a bad choice of words.

Today's "Name That Famous Product" game:

If you don't know this one, perhaps your mom and/or spouse still does your laundry.

Yesterday's famous product: Barbie, of course.

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  1. Love it! I'm a lover of cat's so I appreciate the picture.
    I'd guess that would be Clorox peeking in there!!!

  2. Clorox! Do I win?!

    Great picture! That cat looks a lot like mine. SO cute!

    And I'm hopping over from A-Z. Nice to meet you!

  3. I was going to say Calgon, but maybe that's just an English thing. Though I did think that before I read about the laundry... I love that picture of the cat and the coconut and learnt some new words :) You have a great blog, I'm following you now :D

    Nikki – inspire nordic

  4. I'm going to have to go look that bad word up :)

  5. Clorox!

    Cacoepy - so that's what I have, huh?

  6. Totally Clorox. :) You're word reminds me of Brigitte (or Bridget, don't recall) in Anna and the French Kiss. I'm reading it now. She's Anna's best friend and in her emails, she includes a word Anna has to research. :)

  7. It has to be Clorox! (I'z gettin' god at this!) We have a cat that looks like that one, minus the reddish part. His name is Snowball.

    I have terrible handwriting, but my spelling is perfect. (I was the spelling bee champ, year after year.) So does that mean I have cacography too? Learning all these new words is making me think I'm smart. :-)


  8. fun post with C - thanks for visiting me at Wordsplash. The cat featured is Benji and he belongs to a friend. He's featured in a chapter of my book My Zoo World - Benji Loves Aunt Joanne. See, I'm sorta afraid of animals, but Benji can't believe that and must jump on my lap everytime. You'd love him. Enjoy A to Z and I'll be back to visit.

  9. A very cute picture of the cat. And I think the hidden logo is Clorox!

  10. Clorax! Which I haven't actually used in years, because I'm super cheap and just use the generic brand.

    At first I thought the cat contemplating the coconut was sitting on a computer.

  11. Cat & Coconut... Crazy! ;)
    Visited back from A to Z: whenkateblogblogspot.com

  12. I definitely suffer from cacography, the bad spelling part - my handwriting is quite legible unless I'm trying to hide my bad spelling.

  13. Clorox!
    And that cat looks like it can't decide if it wants to eat it or whack at that coconut.

  14. Cute! Cats being quizzical are always fun!


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