Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for . . .

mama's got a squeezebox, daddy never sleeps at night
Image courtesy: The Intrepid Traveler

Mama's music: When I was young the haunting strains of Nina Simone would fill the house with songs like “Feeling Good” and . . .

Okay, that’s a big, fat lie. I’m thinking of Maggie Hayward in the movie Point of No Return (played by Bridget Fonda). As much as I enjoyed the Point of No Return soundtrack, this is what mom actually had on our record player:

REUBEN JAMES! For you still walk the furrowed fields of my mind . . .

Oh yeah. Kenny Rogers, Chris Christoferson, and Anne Murray. What did your mama play on her squeezebox?

Here's today's "Name That Famous Product” quiz:

Am I making these blurry on purpose to foozle you? No, I just suck at camera close-ups.

Yesterday's famous brand: Lysol

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  1. That sounds familiar! I grew up on that kind of music playing from my dad and opera music from my mom.

  2. We listened to all kinds of music when I was growing up, and my kids listened to all kinds of music when they were growing up. The only thing they listened to that I didn't like was the early rap stuff. (Now, THEY don't even listen to it!)

    M&Ms, for sure.

  3. THAT is an M&M package. I'd no my candy deliciousness anywhere.... Red... he's my man. :)

  4. Mmmm, M&Ms. ;)
    I grew up listening to Pop, Disco and Dance/Club music. I loved to dance. My mom loved the Beatles. I wasn't a fan.

  5. My father like country and my mom liked very soft adult contemporary. Ironically, I grew up to like neither.

  6. My parents always played a lot of country music, which I enjoyed - and then when I was in school, I thought it was "lame". Now I love it again, along with classical, pop, punk, and everything else I can think of. Particularly partial to PiL and Blackbird Raum at the moment.

    Dif-tor heh smusma

    - T'Laina (

  7. My parents listened to old style (think Grand Ole Opry) country - Johnny Horton, Loretta Lynn, Hank Snow, Conway Twitty, Dolly Parton, etc. etc. I got used to it, though still wouldn't listen by choice.


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