Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for . . .

Necromancy, a form of magic focused on communicating with the dead by either summoning their spirit or raising their body from the grave. Also used for black magic or witchcraft.

The book pictured above is a coloring book. Don't you just love the warning that it’s not for children! Maybe I should have saved this cover for tomorrow's letter 'o' as in oxymoron.

Here's today's "Name That Famous Brand" game:

Now this is essential for a good childhood.

Yesterday's famous brand: M & M's, of course. Boy, there's a lot of chocolate represented in my alphabet.

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  1. The first thing I saw was the book cover and I was like, Waa??? A CHILDREN's book on necromancy??? CRAZY! Whoa. Thank goodness it's not. But as a coloring book...and adult one at that...sounds intersting.


  2. Nestle!
    My first thought was oh my God, that's for kids? Good thing they put a warning on the cover.

  3. The book and warning made me laugh!

    And "Nestle"? :-) Chocolate is a NECESSARY food group!

  4. as an adult i enjoy coloring much more than as a child--don't think i would like this book though---is it nestle

  5. Nestle! I have a bag of chips in kitchen right now!

  6. The book and warning reminded me of a bar of nut chocolate which had the warning 'May contain nuts'

  7. Mmmmm love to eat M & M's and love books, What a combination, eat M & M's while reading a really good book. Best regards to you, my friend. Ruby aka Grammy


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