Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for . . .

Bailey narrowly avoids kicking the bucket

Image courtesy: CowboyDave's "Bailey narrowly avoids kicking the bucket"

Another powerful writer's tool: idioms--where a word or phrase takes on a meaning beyond the technical definition of its parts.

Some of my faves: No rest for the wicked, lost your marbles, get on my last nerve, brevity is the soul of wit

Today's "Name That Famous Brand":

Image courtesy: clipped from an picture by LewisRiley

The real challenge was getting a useable image of this brand. The one in my house was too tiny for the camera to snap a clear picture.

Yesterday's famous brand: Hershey's

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Note: Once again, I'm behind on my replies. Darn you migraine! (I gotta get myself together here.)


  1. hmmm no idea on the brand--feel better!

  2. kick the bucket sounds so irreverent :) No clue on the brand.

  3. I love the idiom 'lose your marbles.' I have no clue on the brand!

  4. awesome photo! Idioms are so much fun - and so confusing for those folks who don't have English as their first language! :)

  5. I like "hold your pants on." I say it to my dog all the time. No clue on the product. That's a tough one!

  6. It looks like Intel.

    I enjoy idioms. My students think they're fun when we discuss them and they're asked to use them in their own sentences.

  7. intel on the inside?

    love the horse!



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