Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for . . .

Tabula Rasa or blank slate. It's a state of mind both useful and terrifying for a writer. To edit a piece with a fresh eye, time might create the necessary tabula rasa. Yet tabula rasa in an agent's mind as they read your query is intimidating to say the least. Try condensing 100K into five enticing and coherent sentences. You might find this move easier in comparison:

Contortionists #2

Image courtesy: chooyutshing

Speaking of contortions, here is today's "Name That Famous Brand":

Yesterday's famous brand was a stumper. Roht row, Shaggy. Blissflower1969 recognized the 's' from Scooby Doo.

Note: I did identify the terrifying bug from yesterday's post: giant water bug. This fearsome thing attacks small fish, turtles, or snakes. It injects them with venom which dissolves the prey's insides. That way, the bug can suck out its meal. Tasty!

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  1. I never knew a blank slate had this name. You learn something new every day on this challenge. Blog on!

  2. That slate is an early version of the I-Pad? Right?


    I'll have to go back and see the bug. I missed it!

  3. i like that blank slate in our lives--sometimes is kinda annoying as a writer--great post

  4. I thought it was an ipad, too! And I mostly have a blank slate :)

  5. It's so hard, isn't it? I mean if I could write my book in 5 sentences, I'd write short stories! *cough* It really is hard to get across the idea in an intriguing way when they know NOTHING. I think for editing it helps to read something in between--beta read somebody else's book. Then you have fresher eyes.

  6. Is it Twister?? Did I finally get one?? :)

    Great post! After all my studying, I'd kind of like a blank mind for a while, I feel like I need some space to be able to learn more!

  7. Five sentences is often all the room one has on a bookmark, too.

    Attacks snakes and turtles? Creepy.

  8. I never thought about tabula rasa as it pertains to writing before.

    That does look like Twister.

  9. I agree with Twislers. Yum!
    That is pretty creepy about the bug :0

  10. I have cleared my noggin and have found the answer deep within my blank state of mind.

    It's the T in a twister game. Yes?

    (Now I'm off to read comments and see if I am right.)

  11. I think its the T from Twizzlers licorice?

    Happy A to Z


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