Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for . . .

 Image courtesy: awsandlight

Entropy: Inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society. Source

Civilizations come and go. Dinosaurs ruled the earth until a meteor came a calling. The Roman Empire fell to reasons that sound eerily familiar, not only in today’s U.S. of A., but in our fiction: see Dr. Freeman’s Some Clues To Why Nations Fall, if you dare.

Under the heading Decline of Morals and Values, this article mentions how Nero and Caligula hosted lavish parties where their guests ate and drank until they became ill, and the popularity of watching Gladiators slay one another until the Coliseum's ground was literally soaked in blood. 

Sound familiar, Katniss fans?

Perhaps it’s not surprising that dystopian literature is so popular. With all our country’s ills (unemployment, crime, corruption of politicians), how long before entropy brings our civilization to an end?

And if that’s too depressing, here’s an easier question: Hunger Games Vs. Divergent Series. Which do you like better and why?


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