Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for . . .

Image courtesy: Andy Arthur

Today, I'm going with a small, but heavy-duty word: fall. Why heavy duty? It's a seaon of gorgeous crimson, orange, and gold leaves (for those of us lucky to live amongst deciduous trees). Angels fall from heaven, and if enough water falls, you have yourself a scenic wonder. The image above is Lucifer Falls near Ithaca, N.Y., so it's doing triple duty on illustrating fall.

You can also fall in love. Empires fall after a thousand years, and babies fall after their first step.

Here's one of my favorite popular fiction quotes including the word: "Your fall from faith and grace has been the fall of a century."

Can't place that one? Here's a hint: When the actor tapped to play a major role in the 1994 film adaption was announced, both the author and the book's fan base were horrified. However, the actor played his part so magicificently the author publicly recanted her doubts.

This actor rose to fame by dancing in his underwear in one of his earliest films. Can you name him? Have you guessed the book?

If you're stumped, then what aspect of the word fall appeals to you?


  1. Was it Anne Rice's vampire book?

    Gorgeous photo, Tamara.

  2. I'm stumped. But I love the fall of water. It looks and sounds so good!

  3. Love the fall in Fall :)
    Jude, a visitor from the A to Z challenge


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