Friday, April 18, 2014

P is for . . .

Image courtesy: Laura Henderson

That blue, peacock blue. Do that intense sapphire occur anywhere else in nature? Perhaps the stone itself. And the green. Iridescent emerald.

Note the striking black and white markings around the eyes and the jaunty crest feathers perched atop the head. These flamboyant fellows spread their feathers in a great fan, flickering dozens of dazzling eyes at the peahens. Who could resist that? Other than their intent, it would be easy to label these animals as nature's drag queens.

As captivating as their colors are, I also love the sound they make--a cry like a plaintive cat. You can here an example here.

Somehow I've got to fit a peacock in a story sometime. Are you a fan of peacocks?


  1. When we lived in Arkansas, we would dine at a restaurant called Cock of the Walk, and they had the most beautiful peacocks running around the premises.

  2. Peacocks are gorgeous birds! Mother nature sure did a good job with them!

  3. Peacocks can also make a sound like a fog horn, when I worked in Australia we had one that sat on our roof all day and annoyed everyone. It looked rather grand though, I rather like white peacocks, I have seen a couple in Scotland and they are impressive.

    Rob Z Tobor


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