Friday, April 25, 2014

V is for . . .

 Image courtesy: Franz Jachim

Vienna, Austria and von Trapp. I haven't been to this city myself, but I recently introduced my kids to the classic movie, The Sound of Music, which takes place in Saltzburg (about a three hours drive from Vienna). If you'd like to know a bit about the real von Trapp Family, go here. We did fast forward through some of the longer songs, but overall, they loved it. Besides the music, I loved seeing the panaromic scenery in both the opening and closing scenes. My dad worked at BASF, a German company, and for many years he would bring home calendars featuring rustic villages tucked into the mountains, much like this:

Image courtesy: Stephane Mignon

I would take these calendars apart and post the pictures all over my walls. I even took them to college and did the same. There's nothing hotter than an unconditioned dorm room in August in Chapel Hill, N.C. I'd stare at those pictures and dream of snow.

When is the last time you watched The Sound of Music? Ever been to this part of the world?


  1. It would be fun to visit but not for too long! I don't care for snow, but the villages always look so quaint:)

  2. Staring at snowy pictures is a sure way to cool off! Beautiful picture, too. Yes. I've been to Austria. Loved the mountains.

  3. Calendars are great for wall photos! I love these pictures. It looks like an exciting place to visit.

  4. My father also used for work for BASF!

    It's been years since I last saw The Sound of Music. I was in Vienna in February 2010, though I couldn't get off the plane. We had to make an emergency landing for an elderly Russian woman who got sick and needed a hospital. One day I'd love to properly visit the city, instead of only seeing it lit up at night from an aeroplane.

  5. It's been years since I've seen The Sound of Music, but I do love it. And I'd love to visit Vienna some day...looks so beautiful!


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