Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for . . .

Image courtesy: alobos Life

Fill in the blank: (Bonus points for spelling it correctly.)

"Tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from _____________ goes walking, and when she passes each one she passes goes, "Aaah . . ."

And if she doesn't want to get knocked head over bikini bottom, she'd better stick to the beach. Check out those waves!

I grew up hearing the Stan Getz version of this golden oldie. Ironically, the name for this Rio de Janeiro neighborhood means "stinky lake" in Tupi. It's also next door to another famous beach, Copacabana. (Can you read that word without hearing Barry Manilow belting it out? Didn't think so.) Thanks, Wiki!

What songs did you grow up with?


  1. I grew up with a lot of songs (from the Hindi movies). I don't remember them much :(

  2. No idea. I didn't listen much to Barry Manilow. "Indonesia"?

  3. I haven't traveled the world extensively, but one of the places I have been to is Rio de Janiero. We actually stayed on Ipanema beach, AND we went to the location - Veloso bar-café - where the original composers (Jardim and de Moreas) used to watch the REAL girl from Ipanema walk by every day. They were inspired and wrote the song! :) marci (

    1. Too cool. I would love to visit Rio. I looks unbelieveable.

  4. So the name of the place is Ipanema? I never heard of it as I haven't travelled that extensively.

  5. Ipanema. i remember. wow, that's an oldie! i like your fill in the blanks!
    happy j day!


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