Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for . . .

Image courtesy: gerlos

 I was hoping to find an excellent cloud/storm picture for today's word: tempest. But there were many more pictures of small cars racing through the mud (apparently the Tempest Rally, a car race through the woods, is a big thing in the UK) and actors in make-up (for Shakespeare's The Tempest, of course).

You can have a tempest in a tea pot. Yesterday, my computer screen went black and no amount of coaxing or pleading could get it to respond. I thought I was doomed--the insides were clogged with cat hair or some other terrible thing had happened. It turned out that the power cord had bit the dust instead. I just had to bebop over to Best Buy and grab a new one. No data lost. Whew!

Other tempests: A 1981 Atari arcade game, an NSA code name for spying on information systems, a Folk Rock band, and a plane used by the British Air Force in WWII. It's also the first name of the actress who played Vanessa Huxtable on The Cosby Show.

Busy word, but I'll take the stormy one. Do you have a favorite tempest?


  1. Thank heaven it was only the power cord. A little over a month ago, my C Drive went belly up. Talk about scramble.

    I'm still fond of old Shakespear's The Tempest.

  2. I didn't know that was her first name.

    I think hurricanes would be my least favorite tempest.


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