Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for . . .

Image courtesy:Bill

Xochimilco (flower field), a bourough of Mexico known for its canals, aritificial island gardens called chinampas, and gondala-like boats called trajineras.

One of the creatures endemic to this area is the axolotl, an amphibian that can regenerate limbs and other body parts. It is the only amphibian that can reach sexual maturity as a larvae. But like many species, this one is endangered from humans encroaching on its territory and polluted water. People do keep these critters as aquarium pets, like Frida here:

 Image courtesy: carnifex82

Sounds like a great setting for a story, especially if it was tweaked for a fantasy. How about tiger-sized axolotls? What x-word did you blog about?


  1. How fascinating! Both the exotic local in Mexico and the creature:)

  2. I've got some axolotl families in my Tiny Zoo app. I just couldn't resist getting them, breeding the families to completion, and then bonding them. Amphibians and reptiles are so cute.

  3. Really neat! It's telling that a creature that reaches sexual maturity so young, is still endangered. You'd think they would be everywhere. Neat little things. I've never heard of this area before. Thanks for sharing. :-)

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