Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for . . .

Image courtesy: Wikicommons

Wisteria. I have one of these gorgeous trees in my backyard, but this ain’t it. Up here in New York, the blooms won't show until June. Mine desperately needs an arbor, because the winter winds have pushed it over.

Wysteria covered pathways

Image courtesy: ::Wendy::

Wisteria is a climber and a destroyer. In SC, the vines grow like kudzu, engulfing trees and everything else.The perfume generated by such a mass is intoxicating.


Image courtesy: Long may she rain

Purple, white, and pink are popular colors for the flowers, but there is also a yellow variant. Care to see more stunning photos? Click here.

Speaking of yellow objects, check out today's "Name That Famous Brand":

Yesterday's famous brand: You got it again. Volvo.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I am completely stumped on the brand of the day today :0

  2. We get several varieties here in NC.

    Don't know the W today.

  3. i love it--my husbands and my first house, had it all over the porch--my daughter did a lyrical dance to dan folgelberg's beautiful song, wysteria (he spelled it differently as it was a girl's name in the song)

  4. Love the scent of wisteria - my friend had it all over the back of hr house, and it was wonderful sitting in her garden. Such an old-fashioned scent somehow.

  5. Hmm... that W is pretty stump-tastic. I'm going with 'Wonka' because, well, it's the only brand that's coming to mind which begins with W lol

    I'm envious of your wisteria, I've always wanted to grow it, but I live in a zone 2 or 3 (depending on your map) and that means it's a no go lol

    ~ Rhonda Parrish

  6. After years of wanting one, I finally have a wisteria vine...and my dear hubby made a strong arbor just for it! Beautiful photos! Just stopping by from the Challenge...

  7. It's WILSON tennis balls. :)

    Wisteria is the devil. Sure it looks pretty, smells great. But then, it takes over and you find the roots EVERYWHERE. We have it all along the huge rock retaining wall at work. Gorgeous to look at, but I'll leave it at work, thanks.

  8. You mentioned this on Stormy's post with trees! So beautiful. I've never seen one of these.
    I didn't know the W today but I see someone above me does.
    Thanks for sharing.
    PS - I'm in NY too.

  9. I like this tree. I don't have it myself, but I like seeing it around.

    I don't know this brand.

  10. I love Wisteria! What a great w post. I didn't know it was ever any color other than purple, though; that's kind of cool.

    Dropping by from A to Z; it's nice to meet you.


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